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weather the day-to-day atmospheric conditions such as temperature, cloudiness, and rainfall, affecting a specific place
physical change a change that alters the form of a substance but does not change the chemical identity of a substance
phase change a transition between solid, liquid, or gaseous states of matter
proportional related such that when one quantity increases, the other also increases; two variables are proportional when you can multiply one variable by a constant to obtain the other.
proportionality constant the number that relates two variables that are proportional to one another; it is often represented by the letter k
melting point the temperature at which both solid and liquid phases of a single substance can be present and in equilibrium
boiling poing the temperature at which both liquid and gas phases of a single substance are present and in equilibrium between a liquid and its vapor at pressure of 1 ATM
absolute zero the temperature defined as 0 K on the Kelvin scale and -273 degrees Celsius; considered to be the lowest possible temperature that matter can reach
Kelvin scale a temperature scale with units in kelvins, K, that sets the zero point at -273 degrees Celcius, which is also known as absolute zero
kinetic theory of gases the scientific theory that states that gases are composed of tiny particles in continuous, random, straight-line motion and collide with each other and the wall of the container
temperature a measure of the average kinetic energy of the atoms and molecules in a sample of matter.
Charles's Law the law that states that the volume of a given sample of gas is proportional to its Kelvin temperature if the pressure is unchanged
air mass a large volume of air that has consistent temperature and water content
atmosphere (ATM) a unit of measurement for gas pressure. One atmosphere is equivalent to 14.7 pounds of pressure per square inch
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