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Final Math

B4 final exams test

Which equation represents his income level after t years? I= 1,000t+40,000
Which of the following is true? The total cost must be rational because rational numbers are closed under multiplication
What is the simplest form of Kevin's calculation? 10 feet/second∆2
What should Jim compare to decide which brand offers the best deal? Price ÷ (number of rolls × sheets per roll)
How many classes were in the first month? 8 lessons
Solve the equation 14x + 9y = 26 for y. Y = 26-14x / 9
Which sentence correctly describes the process needed to solve for x? If 1/2of x is 30, then 1/2 of 1/2 of x is 1/2 of 30
Solve for p in the equation below. 4
Which tree type represents a function? Aspen
If f(x)= -1/2x + 4 , what is f(20)? -6
Which of the following is true about the graph of the function? The y-intercept is 100.
What is the domain of the function shown in the graph? -5 < * <6. where is a real number
At what rate is the plant growing? 3/2 inches per week
According to the data, what can be inferred about residents over 60 years of age? Residents over the age of 60 make more money than younger residents because those over 60 have more work experience.
Created by: 501DPS