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Ven Conmigo 2 (5-1)

Staying in Shape

escalar montañas to go mountain climbing (verb)
hacer ejercicio to exercise
el montañismo mountain climbing (sport)
remar to row (verb)
el remo rowing (sport)
la natación swimming (sport)
el senderismo hiking (sport)
el ciclismo cycling (sport)
el atletismo track and field (sport)
inscribirse to enroll (oneself)
moverse to move (oneself)
levantar pesos to lift weights
hacer abdominales to do sit ups
saltar a la cuerda to jump rope
practicar las artes marciales to practice martial arts
sudar to sweat
bajar de peso to lose weight
aumentar de peso to gain weight
estar en plena forma to be in good shape
sano(a) healthy
balanceado(a) balanced
la dieta diet
lo suficiente enough
por for (duration of time)
es preciso it's necessary
ya lo se I already know
Created by: NBSpan2