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Tests For Anions

Can you name all of the ions which are tested for? Chloride ions, sulfate and sulfite ions, carbonate and hydrocarbonate ions, nitrate ions and phosphate ions.
Chloride salt is dissolved in deionised water, and silver nitrate is added to the solution to make it cloudy. what chemical is then added to the solution to make the cloudiness disappear, thus confirming the prescence of Chloride Ions? Dilute Ammonia Solution.
What is the general name given to the material that settles out of a solution? Precipitate.
What tdoes the arrow pointing down indicate? Eg: Ag + Cl =AgCl ↓ The arrow pointing down indicates that the precipitate id formed.
What chemicals are used in the Sulfate and Sulfite ions experiment? Sulfate salt, sulfite salt, barium chloride and dilute hydrochloric acid.
after the barium chloride is added to the two salts, a cloudy precipitate is formed. What is the dilute hydrochloric acid used for in the sulfate and sulfite ions experiment? Dilute hydrochloric acid is used to distinguish between the sulfate and sulfite ions.
What is the visible difference between the two? The cloudiness remains in the test tube containing sulfate ions, and the cloudiness disappears in the test tube containing sulfite ions.
What is observed when the acid comes in contact with the carbonate in the Carbonate and Hydrocarbonate experiment? A brisk effervescence or fizzing.
What happens to the lime water? It turns cloudy.
How would one distinguish between carbonate and hydrocarbonate ions? A MgSO4 (magnesium sulfate) solution is added to each test tube of carbonate/hydrocarbonate solution, forming a white precipitate in the carbonate test tube, but not in the hydrocarbonate test tube.
Explain in detail how you would conduct the experiment for the detection of Phosphate Ions in an aqueous solution. Key Steps: 1. Phosphate salt is dissolved in deionised water in a test tube. 2. (NH4)2MoO4 (Ammonion Molybdate) solution is added. 3.With a dropper, a few drops of concentrated nitric acid are added. 4. Test tube is placed in warm water.
What freshly prepared sulfate is added to a solution in test tube in the Nitrate Ions experiment? Iron(iii)Sulfate solution. FeSo4
What is the chemical equation given to the sulfuric acid added down the side of the test tube? H2SO4
What is formed at the junction if the sulfuric acid and the nitrate and iron (iii) solution? A brown ring is formed to hsow the prescence of Nitrate Ions.
Why is it important to use CONCENTRATED sulfuric acid in your experiment? This experiment will not work with DILUTE sulfuric acid.