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In anesthesia

Temperature above which a substance can't be liquified no matter how much pressure is applied Critical temperature
Nitrous oxide can not liquify if temp is 37.5 C
At this temperature, N2O will turn into a solid 36 C
Critical temperature of Nitrous Oxide is 36.5 C
N2O is in a gas state at this temp 40 C
Heating & cooling of a gas occurs due to change in the pressure is called Adiabatic process
Example of a tire deflating is an example of Adiabatic cooling
Pumping air into a tire is an example of Adiabatic heating
Adiabatic cooling is defined as occurs when the pressure fo a gas is decreased, as it expands into a larger volume
Adiabatic heating is defined as occurs when the pressure of a gas is increased
Joule-Thompson Effect compressed gas is allowed to escape freely into space & causes adiabatic cooling
N2O cylinder has a full tank at_____-Liters 1590L
In a N20 cylinder, pressure stays constant until the volume of the cylinder drops below_____L 400L
Latent heat is described as heat lost as liquid vaporizes and temperature falls
What is the color of a N2O cylinder Blue
What is the color of a O2 cylinder green
What is the color of a Air cylinder Yellow
when latent heat of vaporation occurs as.... liquid vaporizes
When there is no more liquid in a N2O tank.... pressure drops
What does nitrous need to prevent explosions? Compressible gas
How do you restore pressure of a Nitrous cylinder? turn cylinder off