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Biochemistry Exam

Organic Chemistry refers to the branch of science that deals with which element carbon
What does not contain carbon? ozone
Ozone is a natural gas that protects life on Earth from the sun's harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Ozone is produced in Earth's stratosphere
What will not reduce groundwater pollution? burning fossil fuels
What is not a major pollutant of groundwater? chlorine form drinking water
Scientists have collected and studied data showing that acid rain is cause by which gas? sulfur dioxide
What is not a method of preserving the environment? disposing of animal waste in ground water.
What is an advance in technology that has helped us to increase environmental quality using biological organisms to clear up polluted water
What cannot be recycled? compact fluorescent bulbs
Describe two ways solid waste contributes to pollution. Discuss one way to reduce solid waste. Solid waste can erode and release toxic chemicals underground hurting groundwater. It also doesn't go away and can wash into lakes and rivers, polluting banks and taking up space. Recycling helps to cut down on waste, as it reuses materials.
All of the following are common air pollutants that can be damaging to the environment except phosphates
the main disadvantage to using fossil fuels is what? pollution
What makes up the world's largest source of non-renewable energy? (2 points) oil/petroleum
What is a major disadvantage of using solar power? requires large storage batteries
Which of these types of technologies enable us to use the energy from the Sun? solar power
Compare and contrast fusion and fission. Explain what occurs in these reactions and what types of atoms are involved. Also discuss two safety issues that arise with fission and fusion and what kinds of conditions are needed to start these reactions Fusion puts smaller atoms together to make a larger one, high heat is necessary to cause this reaction. Fission splits a large atom, usually Uranium, into large amounts of small atoms.
Compare and contrast fusion and fission. Explain what occurs in these reactions and what types of atoms are involved. Also discuss two safety issues that arise with fission and fusion and what kinds of conditions are needed to start these reactions For this to happen the atom must be bombarded by particles causing it to break. For both processes, radiation is a big concern as it can cause sickness and even death, also in case of a disaster the core of the plant could have a meltdown.
Which of the following is the major argument against the use of nuclear power to generate electricity? radioactive waste
When a radioactive isotope releases an alpha particle, the atomic number of the atom is decreased by two
What reactions are responsible for the glow and heat from the Sun? nuclear fusion
What statement regarding nuclear and chemical reactions is not true? Only chemical reactions result in atom stability.
What best explains why nuclear reactions release more energy than chemical reactions? The forces holding the nucleus together are much stronger than the forces binding electrons to atoms.
Which particles can be stopped by human skin? ONLY alpha particles
Some atoms become unstable because why? neutrons and protons are off-balance
When Plutonium-239 undergoes alpha decay, it becomes what? uranium-235 + an alpha particle
Which is not true of gamma radiation particles? They are deflected in an electric field.
Radioactive materials are used in smoke detectors. As the smoke comes in-between the radioactive source and the sensor, an alarm goes off. Which type of radiation should be used in a smoke detector? (2 points) alpha particles
Through the collection of information and data, we know that all of the following cause negative consequence to the environment except exhaling carbon dioxide
Chemical reactions differ from nuclear reactions because why? chemical reactions involve bonding and nuclear reactions involve releasing particles.
What is the primary reason fusion is not used in power plants? Current technology is unable to control the reaction.
Some atoms become unstable because neutrons and protons are off-balance
How can compact fluorescent bulbs help the environment? they will use less energy overall
Most of the world's energy is supplied by which of the following? fossil fuels
When an alpha particle is released by an atom, the atom loses an electron
What type of radiation consists of a fast stream of negatively charged particles? beta particles
What is the maximum number of covalent bonds that a carbon atom can form? 4
When gamma radiation is released by an atom, it usually accompanies beta or alpha radiation.
When carbon-14 undergoes beta decay, it becomes which of the following? nitrogen-14 + a beta particle
All of the following are possible outcomes if waterways continue to be polluted except what? increased oxygen levels
Which of the following is a disadvantage of using hydropower? Land can be flooded, displacing people and wildlife.
To preserve natural resources, which of the following should be recycled? paper, glass and rubber
Describe two common air pollutants and discuss one way air pollution can be reduced. Carbon Monoxide and Lead are two common air pollutants. One way we can reduce air pollution is getting cars that do not release carbon monoxide for example, electric cars.
When a radioactive isotope releases an alpha particle, the atomic number of the atom is what? decreased by two
Which of following is harmful to the ozone layer by decomposing O3 to O2? chlorofluorocarbons
Carbon dioxide is the main greenhouse gas linked to global warming. Which resources have been linked to producing carbon dioxide? (2 points) coal and natural gas
All of the following will be damaging to the environment except what? putting research and money into renewable energy.
Explain two advantages of using energy created by nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. They are less harmful than fossil fuels and natural gasses to the environment, and they provide a lot of energy and they can both provide substantial energy
Explain two disadvantages of using energy created by nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. The waste is hard to get rid of and no matter what way to get rid of it, it will not be ideal If it is not contained properly, it can be very dangerous
Identify two cost effective methods society can use to conserve energy. Explain your answer. We can use biofuel, this is a natural alternative to fossil fuels used to fuel cars. Another way we can preserve energy is to turn lights off when they aren't in use, this will save energy and means saving the environment.
what is not an example of recycling? buying compact fluorescent light bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs.
Which of these is a major concern of nuclear power plants? disposal of waste
What is not a common water pollutants that can be damaging to the environment? carbon dioxide form combustion
Which is true regarding the penetrating power of radiation? Gamma is more penetrating than beta.
Which of the following is most likely to cause respiratory problems in humans nitrogen oxide air pollutants
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