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GCSE Spanish

Social issues

Deberíamos… We should...
comprar productos... buy...products
consumir menos... consume less...
proteger... protect...
reducir... reduce...
mantener... maintain.../ keep..
usar más... use more...
mejorar... improve...
usar...de forma responsable use...more responsibly
No deberíamos… we shouldn't...
malgastar ... waste...
Hay… There is/ are...
demasiado too much...
No hay… There isn't/ aren't...
Mucha gente... Many people...
la dependencia dependency
hacerme drogadicto/alcohólico to become a drug adict/ alcoholic
los riesgos the risks
morir to die
fumar cigarrillos to smoke cigarettes
tomar drogas blandas to take soft drugs
tomar drogas duras to take hard drugs
beber alcohol to drink alcohol
llevar navajas to carry knives
vivir en un barrio violento to live in a violent area
es una pérdida de tiempo/dinero it's a waste of time
es una tontería it's nonsense/ stupid
es peligroso it's dangerous
no me parece una cosa seria I don't think its serious
es divertido it's fun/ entertaining
mis amigos lo hacen my friends do it
se puede dejar fácilmente it can easily be given up
la crisis económica the economic crisis
los sin techo the homeless
el paro unemployment
la discriminación discrimination
el racismo racism
la pobreza poverty
el hambre hunger
el terrorismo terrorism
la delincuencia delinquency
es/son… it is/ they are
el/los problema(s) más serio(s) the most serious problem(s)
un(os) problema(s) muy serio(s) very serious problem(s)
no es/son un(os) problema(s) tan serio(s) it's not/ they aren't such serious problem(s)
el botellón -binge drinking (among students/ young people) -large gatherings around towns
el macrobotellón extremely large gatherings of young people in towns (they bring their own "botellas" of alcohol)
los jóvenes young people
el acoso bullying
el cyber bullying online bullying
la presión del grupo peer pressure
Detener to detain (arrest)
comportar(se) to behave
comportamiento comportment (behaviour)
violencia violence
feria fair
conducto conduct/ behaviour