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Unit 21

Unit 21: Fair Housing and Ethical Practices

True or False Licensees can participate in transactions in which owner seeks to discriminate against a protected class as long as they themselves do not perform acts of discrimination during the transaction False
True or False The Real Estate Act of 2000 requires that an agent’s license be suspended or revoked if they are found guilty of discrimination True
True or False Cities and villages have their own fair housing laws may take precedence over federal and state laws True
Which of the following is not a protected class of the Fair Housing Act? A. Race B. Sexual Orientation C. Religion D. National Origin B. Sexual Orientation Protected classes include Race, Color, Religion, and National Origin
Which of the following laws have the largest number of protected classes? A. Fair Housing Act B. Housing and Community Development Act C. Illinois Human Rights Act D. Fair Housing Amendments Act C. Illinois Human Rights Act
Who administers the Fair Housing Act? A. HUD B. Fair Housing Society C. Illinois D. National Association of Realtors A. HUD
True or False Posters are required to be displayed in every real estate office True
Which of the following individuals must meet Fair Housing requirements? A)A landlord who lives in his 3-unit building B)An investor who rents out 2 homes. C)A woman who plans to rent her home to a family D)A landlord who plans on renting his 5-unit b D)Owner occupied buildings with more than 4 units
True or False Housing intended for persons 62 or older or housing occupied by at least one person 55 or older (where 80% of units are occupied by 55 years or older) is exempt from the familial status protection. True
The American with Disabilities Act is a housing law that addresses housing for individuals with disabilities. False ADA is not a housing law. It addresses the rights of persons with disabilities in employment and public accommodations. It impacts real estate because licensees are often employers and brokerage offices are public space.
Title I of the ADA applies to employers with 15 or more employees and requires reasonable accommodations be provided for individuals with disabilities. True
Title II of the ADA forbids individuals with disabilities to be discriminated against when seeking housing. False Title II Requires persons with disabilities have full access to business, goods and public services
Which is considered "steering"? A)Disabled man turned away from apartment rental B)Mother is charged higher application fee C)Landlord puts all black tenants in one building D)Licensee does not show a home to a black family C)Landlord puts all black tenants in one building
True or False A licensee may escape revocation of license if it can be proven in court that discrimination was not intentional False. Violations are judged based on effects test, not intent.
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