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SAT Vocab

Lesson 12

antipathy a dislike, distaste, or enmity The woman's obvious antipathy toward snakes surfaced when she came into contact with the slithering reptile. animosity, animus, antagonism, hostility, rancor
augment to make greater or to supplement We must try to augment our savings this year. strengthen, bolster, increase
bombastic using inflated language, pompous The politician was bombastic as he railed against big government. claptrap, ranting, declamatory
decry to speak against, to rail against, to disparage Many decry the lack of concern for this problem. blame, censure
eclectic coming from a variety of diverse sources His eclectic taste in music ranged from Bach to the Beatles. selective, varied, diversity
enhance to make better, to improve Your chances of passing the test will be enhanced if you study. augment, intensify, advance
euphonious pleasant or agreeable (sound); dulcet The euphonious sound of the record lulled the baby to sleep.
fervid ardent, burning, impassioned The evangelist is a fervid crusader against sin. fervent, passionate
impecunious without money Some formerly rich people have become impecunious because of the poor oil and real estate markets. destitute, indigent
ingratiate to make an effort to gain good favor with someone He tried to ingratiate himself with the girl's parents by always being polite. charm, captivate, please
luxuriant abundant in growth, very fertile The luxuriant farmland of Iowa provides an abundant amount of food. lavish, lush, profuse
paltry trifling, petty, worthless He was building paltry houses unfit for occupancy. insignificant, slight
pedantry act of showing off learning in a manner that is needless and unimaginative. The teacher's lectures are a demonstration of pedantry without scholarship. formal, bookish, prig
placid peaceful, calm the wilderness is usually a placid place where one can relax. serene, tranquil
preclude to make impossible A low SAT score may preclude your acceptance to that college. prohibit, prevent, exclude
promontory land or rock projecting into a body of water A promontory is an ideal place to build a lighthouse. cape
raze to completely destroy Atomic war will raze many cities. demolish, level
secular nonreligious, worldly "Jingle Bells" is a secular Christmas song. earthly, lay
static having no motion, showing little change Since our town has attracted little new industry, the population of the city has become static. immobile, motionless, inactive, fixed
tact a keen sense for what is appropriate or tasteful in delicate situations The diplomat handled the situation with much tact and courteous behavior. diplomacy, sensitivity, poise
torpid sluggish, inactive, dull He is always torpid on Sunday mornings because he works late on Saturdays. sleepy, slothful, lethargic
vindicated cleared of accusations or charges I am willing to go to trial and believe that I will be vindicated of all charges. absolved, acquitted, exonerated
vindictive revengeful, spiteful You should be more forgiving and less vindictive. vengeful, bitter, spiteful
abridge to shorten, to diminish Some companies publish abridged versions of novels. abbreviate, curtail, shorten
alacrity prompt and cheerful response I accepted his invitation to the prom with alacrity. celerity
Created by: Mr. Battaglini



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