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Unit 5

Questions to review for Unit 5 test

The substance doing the dissolving is called what? solvent
Water molecules are attracted to each other because they are what? polar
T or F Salt dissolved much better in hot water than cold. F
T or F Since different substances are made from different atoms, ions, or molecules, increased temperature affects the extent to which they dissolve. T
T or F Water cannot dissolve many ionically bonded substances. F
A cold pack dissolving is an example of what kind of reaction? endothermic
Which has greater surface tension, water or alcohol? water
Sugar dissolves better in this temperature of water because increased molecule motion helps break the attractions easier. hot
The chemical formula for sucrose, C12H22O11, means there are how many atoms of oxygen? 11
T or F Since different liquids combine differently, we know that solubility is not a characteristic property of liquids. F
T or F Liquids cannot dissolve other liquids. F
The amount of gas that dissolves in water depends on the temperature of what? water
T or F For a liquid to dissolve in a solid, the molecules of the liquid and solid must attract one another. T
The substance being dissolved is the what? solute
When a neutral molecule has both positive and negative areas, it is said to be what? polar
With salt, these are pulled apart when dissolved in water. ions
T or F Because salt is ionic, the polarity of the water allows opposite positive/negative areas of salt and water to attract. T
In an exothermic reaction, which way does the temperature go? up
Which dissolves better in water, salt or sugar? sugar
Since a water molecule has the same number of protons and electrons, it is said to be ________________. neutral
When water and alcohol combine, they seem to do what? shake
In an endothermic reaction, which way does the temperature go? down
T or F Diffferent substances have different solubilities because substances are chemically different and interact differently with water. T
T or F The attraction of molecules at the surace is called surface attraction. F
Water did not soak into the wax paper because wax paper is _______________. nonpolar
Which liquid did not dissolve the M & M at all? mineral oil
T or F Less molecular motion makes molecules come apart easier? F
As temperature increases which is more soluble in water, sugar or CO2? sugar
T or F Gases can dissolve in water. T
Because a power plant can return the water it has used to a lake, the water must be cooled because if not the water lacks something that makes it hard for the fish to survive. What does it lack? oxygen
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