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Unit F Vocab

Adaption Changing the way you live to survive
Class The group you were put in based on how you
Classification Putting animals or people in a class based on how they are
Competition Conflict with species because of being too close to each other and there are not enough resources for that
DNA Ladder like thing that holds your genes
endangered species Species that is dying and close to becoming extinct
environment What it is like in a specific area
evolution How the species changes and looks over time
extinct / extinction When every last of the species as died (Ex Saber Tooth Tiger)
family The class you fit in to like plants or animals
fossil record Bones that give information or evidence to prove that something once existed before
genes Determines traits about you
mutation An adjust in DNA that cause to have something else
natural selection Survival of the fittest
population The number of species
speciation New species cause of previous species not being to breed with each other
species Organisms that are like and that can reproduce
trait A type of characteristic that changes from one person to another
variation Different things but same species
vertebrates Species that has a jointed backbone
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