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TAKS math vocabulary for 8th grade

Acute angle An angle measuring more than zero degrees but less than 90 degrees.
Annual Once a year
Approximate Not exact, but close
Arithmetic sequence Set of numbers where the same amount is added each time
Attached Connected to
Bar graph Graph that uses bars to make comparisons
Base A side of a 2-dimensional shape or a face of a 3-dimensional solid
Based on experimental results Comes from acting it out
Based on the trend Comes from looking at the general direction of past events
Best approximation Closest to the exact answer
Best estimate Closest to the exact answer
Best illustrated The best example
Box and whisker plot Graph that shows the median, quartiles and extremes of data
Calculate Find the value
Capacity How much a container can hold; volume
Circular In the shape of a circle
Circle graph Graph that compares parts to the whole
Circumference The distance around a circle; the perimeter of a circle
Classify Sort objects into groups based on one or more characteristics
Commission An amount of money paid based on the work done (ex.the more sold, the more earned)
Complementary angles Two angles whose sum equals 90 degrees
Conclusions Decision based on reasoning
Congruent Having the same size and shape
Consecutive Numbers that follow each other in order
Constant Number that doesn’t change
Constant rate Having a consistent amount of change
Container An object that can hold something
Continuously Without stopping
Coordinates A pair of numbers that give the location of a point on the graph
Coordinate plane A 2-dimensional system of intersecting lines used to graph points
Correct place value The right value for a digits placement in the number
Corresponding sides Sides in the same position on congruent or similar shapes
Cube A 3-dimensional solid shaped like a box, where all faces are squares
Cubic unit A unit for volume
Cylinder A solid figure with two congruent and parallel circular bases
Data A collection of numbers or measurements
Data table An arrangement of numbers or measurements in rows and columns
Demonstrate To show how something works or why it is true
Dependent events Events in which the outcome of the 1st event affects the outcome of the 2nd event
Describe Give the specific characteristics or a figure or situation
Diagonal Line segment joining 2 corners that are not next to each other on any polygon
Dilation Proportional shrinking or enlarging of a figure
Dimensions Measurements of a shape or solid (ex. length, width, and height)
Displays verb: shows, noun: graphic representation
Distance How far between 2 points
Double To multiply by 2
Edge Line that connects 2 faces
Enlarge To make bigger
Equal The same
Equal chance The probability is mathematically the same
Equation A mathematical sentence that uses an equal sign
Equivalent The same
Estimate A rough approximation or calculation
Evaluate To find the value of
Exclude Leave out
Experiment Act it out
Expression A combination of numbers and variables connected by one or more operations
Fair number cube Dice
Formula An equation with variables used for certain calculations
Fraction Ratio of 2 numbers where denominator is not 0.
Generate Come up with or produce
Histogram A bar graph showing data in groups/ranges
Hypotenuse The longest side of a right triangle; the side opposite the right angle in a right triangle
Inaccurate Wrong
Independent events Events in which the outcome of the 1st event doesn’t affect the outcome of the 2nd event
Interior angles Angles inside a shape
Irrational number Number whose decimal form is non-ending and non-repeating
Irregular figure A shape where not all sides are equal
Lateral surface area Area of all the faces of a 3-dimensional solid except the bases
Line graph Graph to show change over time
Line plot Diagram showing frequency of data on a number line
Mean The sum of a group of numbers divided by the number of numbers, also known as average
Measures of central tendency Mean, median, mode
Median A value found by ordering a group of data form least to greatest and choosing the middle value of the group
Mode In a group of values, the value that occurs most often
Most accurate representation The most correct example
Most reliable results The most trusted information to come out of an experiment
Multiples Numbers that can all be evenly divided by the original number
Negative number Number less than 0
Net A flat pattern that can be cut out and folded up to make a 3-dimensional solid
Nth position Any position in a sequence
Nth term Any term in a sequence
Origin The point (0,0) where the x and y axis intersect
Overall decrease Value went down over time
Parallel Go in exactly the same direction and will never meet
Percent The ratio of a number to 100 (per one hundred); the symbol %
Perimeter The distance around a figure
Pi It has an approximate value of 3.14; symbol is ¶
Positive number Number greater than 0
Positive trend Moving in an upward direction over time
Potential The possibility of something happening
Prism A 3-dimensional solid figure that has two congruent, parallel polygons as bases and parallelogram sides.
Procedure An official way of doing something
Product The result of multiplying two or more numbers
Proportion An equation stating that two ratios are equal
Pyramid A 3-dimensional solid that has triangular faces and a polygon base
Pythagorean theorem Formula to find lengths of sides of a right triangle
Quadrant One of four regions formed by the intersection of the x and y axes on a coordinate graph.
Quadrilateral A polygon that has four sides
Quotient The result of dividing one number by another, the solution to a division problem
Random Happening by chance
Range The difference between the least and greatest values in a set of numbers
Rational number A number that can be expressed as a fraction
Ratio A comparison of the values of two numbers
Recognize To know
Record verb: To write down
Rectangle A parallelogram with four right angles
Rectangular In the shape of a rectangle
Reduce To get smaller
Reflection A mirror image of a figure shown over a line of reflection
Region An area
Represent To stand for
Revenue Money brought in by a company
Right angle An angle measuring 90º
Rotation A complete turn
Rule A way of determining terms in pattern or sequence
Salary A fixed regular amount of money made by an employee
Sampling methods Ways to get information about a population (ex. take surveys)
Scale factor Ratio between similar figures; how many times larger or smaller a shape is than the original
Scatter plot Graph comparing 2 sets of data to see the relationship
Scientific notation Way to express very large or small numbers as the product of a number and a power of 10
Sequence A pattern of numbers following an order or rule
Set Group of numbers
Similar Same shape, different size
Solid figure 3-dimensional shape
Solution Answer to a problem
Sphere 3-dimensional shape like a round ball
Square unit A unit of measuring area
Statistical measure Mean, median, mode
Stem and leaf plot Arrangement of numbers that separate digits into columns
Strategy A plan of action to achieve a goal
Surface area The area of the outside faces of a 3-dimensional solid
Survey A gathering of data or opinions
Table An arrangement of data in rows and columns
Three-dimensional Having length, width and height
Top, front, side view Different perspectives of a 3-dimensional solid
Total surface area The area of all the faces of the outside of a 3-dimensional solid
Transformation Change the shape, position or size of an object
Translation To slide a figure along a straight line
Trapezoid A quadrilateral with only one pair of parallel sides
Trend The general direction something takes
Triangle A 3 sided shape
Twice To multiply by 2
Two dimensional A flat shape with only 2 measurements, length and width
Valid Makes sense based on the information
Venn diagram A diagram used to represent sets and relationships between sets
Vertex Corner
Volume The amount of space inside a container; how much something could hold
X-axis The horizontal number line of a coordinate graph
X-coordinate The value of the x-axis used to locate a point on the graph;the first value in an ordered pair
Y-axis The vertical number line of a coordinate graph
Y-coordinate The value of the y-axis used to locate a point on the graph; the 2nd value in an ordered pair
Best represents Best shows or matches
Unit rate A ratio that shows the cost per one unit of measure
Created by: LMSmath