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PBHS Nuclear Changes

Nuclear Changes

What is a beta particle? an electron
What is an alpha particle? a helium nucleus
Which kind of ionizing radiation is just energy coming out of a nucleus? gamma radiation
What is the reason for radioactive decay? the nucleus is unstable
An isotope is named by what? its mass number
Losing an alpha particle reduces the atomic number by how many protons? two
Losing a beta particle causes the atomic number to do what? increase by 1
What is beta decay? the nucleus emitting a beta particle
What is alpha decay? the nucleus emitting an alpha particle
In nuclear decay the lowest energy form is what? an alpha particle
In nuclear decay the highest energy form is what? gamma rays
A piece of paper is all it takes to stop which type of radiation? alpha radiation
Which kind of nuclear radiation can pass right through a person? gamma radiation
Which particle is really a helium nucleus? an alpha particle
Which nuclear radiation form is really high speed electrons? beta particles
Which type of nuclear radiation has the greatest penetrating ability? gamma rays
The nucleus breaking down by emitting beta particles is called what? beta decay
The nucleus breaking down by emitting alpha particles is called what? alpha decay
What are atoms of the same element with different numbers of neutrons called? isotopes
What do isotopes of the same element have different numbers of? neutrons
Isotopes of the same element have to have the same number of what? protons
The amount of time needed for half of a sample of radioactive material to break down is called what? the half life
How much of a radioactive sample will be left after one half-life? 1/2
Nuclear radiation is emitted by what kind of isotopes? radioactive isotopes
Radiation that has enough energy to knock/rip off electrons is called what? ionizing radiation
What do nuclear power plants produce? electricity
What is the name of the nuclear power plant that had a melt down and terrible nuclear accident in the Soviet Union in 1986? Chernobyl
The first radioactive element discovered was which one? uranium
Which nuclear particle can enter the skin, but has less energy than gamma rays? beta particles
Which radioactive particle is made of 2 protons and 2 neutrons? an alpha particle
What makes an alpha particle helium? 2 protons
A radioisotope is an isotope that is what? radioactive
The region around the Earth that deflects most of the sun's radiation is called what? magnetosphere
The magnetosphere and the atmosphere protect Earth from most of the radiation in the what coming at us from the sun all the time? solar wind
Created by: gkarlish