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Unit 20: Q&A

Land-Use Controls and Property Development

True or False In Illinois, there is no way for a township to elect to become a home-rule unit" True
True or False In Illinois, a municipality may elect to become a home-rule unit True, This is done through referendum.
True or False A comprehensive plan does not contain information regarding plans for specific neighborhoods. False
True or False A comprehensive plan is usually a short term plan of 10 years or less False. Comprehensive plans are longer term
True or False Zoning ordinances do not impact the economy False. For example
What do zones identified as"'C", 'A' and 'R' usually stand for?" Commercial, Residential, Agricultural
"True or False To resolve the conflict of the government's zoning rights and the people's 14th amendment rights, government will provide public hearings to discuss zoning ordinances before enacting them. True
True or False Building permits must be issued prior to zoning permits False. Zoning permits must be issued first.
True or False Conditional-use permits are issued by zoning boards after public hearings.Variance permits are not. False Both conditional-use and variance permits are issued by zoning boards after public hearings.
Which of the following are not regulated by building codes? A) Building Use B) Sanitary Equipment C) Materials D) Electrical Wiring A) Building use is regulated by zoning ordinances
True or False Subdivision of land is controlled by state and local governments. No uniform national legislations applies to the country. True
True or False Plat Maps must be approved by municipality before they are used as a legal description. True
True or False. In Illinois if a restrictive covenants is not applied equally to individuals of different races, it can be voided. True
True or False CCRs are enforced by HOAs. True
True or False CCRs can be changed by the homeowners living in the subdivision True
True or False If a property report is not received prior to a purchaser signing the contract the purchaser can go to court and have the contract voided within 3 years of signing the contact. False, Purchaser has 2 years
True or False The Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act of 1968 does not apply to subdivisions that contain less than 100 lots. False. The Act applies, however, these properties are exempt from registering with HUD.
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