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ACG2021 -

Conceptional skills A manager's ability to analyze and diagnose complex situations
Interpersonal skills The manager's ability to work with understand, mentor, and motivate others, both individually and in groups
Technical skills Job specific knowledge and techniques needed to perform work tasks
Political skills A manager's ability to build a power base and established the right connections
Small business An independent business having fewer than 500 employees that doesn't necessarily engage in any new or Innovative practices that has relatively little impact on its industry
Social media Forms of electronic communication through which users create online communities to share ideas, information, personal messages, and other content
Sustainability It company's ability to achieve its business goals and increase long-term shareholder value by integrating economic, environmental, and social opportunities into its business strategies
Employee Engagement When employees are connected to, satisfied with, and enthusiastic about their job
Division of labor Breaking down jobs into an error comma repetitive tasks
Organizational behavior The field of study that researches the actions people at work
Created by: stormydawn22