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Vida sana

Healthy lifestyle (Spanish)

Estar To be/ being
En forma In shape/ fit
Gordo Fat
Delgado Thin
Cena Dinner
Cenar To dine/ have for dinner
Desayuno (n) Breakfast
Desayunar To have for breakfast
Almuerzo (n) Lunch
Almorzar To have for lunch
Suelo I tend to...
Intento... I try to...
Comida basura Junk food
Comida rápida Fast food
Evitar Avoid
Engordar To put on weight
Sano/a Healthy
Malsano/a Unhealthy
Contiene... It contains...
Azúcar Sugar
Grasa Fat
Sal Salt
Ponerte en forma To get into shape
Estar en forma To be in shape
Perder peso Lose weight
Adelgazar To lose weight
Llevar una vida sana To lead a healthy lifestyle
Estar cansado To be tired
Sentirte... To feel...
Deberías You should
Debería I should
Estilo de vida Lifestyle
Peligroso Dangerous
Saludable Healthy
Ejercicio Exercise
La moda fashion
Dieta Diet
La obseidad Obesity
cambiar change
deprimido depressed
fumar smoke
drogas blandas soft drugs
drogas duras hard drugs
Intentar to try
vida life
ayudar to help
ser drogadicto to be a drug addict
hacer (más) ejercicio to exercise (more)
hacer/ practicar deporte to do sports
ir de paseo/ andar/ dar una vuelta to go for a walk
correr/ hacer footing to run/ to jog
ir al gimnasio to go to the gym
montar en bici(cleta) to bike ride
Aumentar to increase
Ayudar a to help to
Mantenerse To maintain/ keep
Promover To promote
Aliviar To alleviate
Es bueno para... It's good for...
el bienestar mental mental heath/ wellbeing
las enfermedades serias serious illnesses
el corazón the heart
el estrés stress
Intento + inf... I try to...
Suelo + inf... I tend to...
intento evitar I try to avoid
suelo evitar I tend to avoid
Created by: WelshPolyglot