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Political Revolution

2016 Political Revolutions Study Guide

98 Percent of France's population that belonged to the Third Estate
Declaration of Independence This document embodied Enlightenment ideals because it said that people have rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Stamp Act The colonists protested this as "taxation without representation".
branches of government Montesquieu's influence on the U.S. Constitution
after the American Revolution Did the Constitutional Convention take place before or after the American Revolution?
Bill of Rights What was influenced by Voltaire, John Locke, and Jean Jacques Rousseau?
Thomas Jefferson Primary writer of the Declaration of Independence
Prince Klemens von Metternich of Austria Most influential leader at the Congress of Vienna
balance of power An important goal of the Congress of Vienna was to establish this in Europe
Portugal Napoleon attacked this country in order to enforce the terms of the Continental System
Admiral Nelson Who won the Battle of Trafalgar by dividing the French fleet and attacked smaller groups of ships?
Napoleon Was able to accomplish the following during peacetime: set up government-run public schools; set up a comprehensive system of laws; and established a fairer tax code
no one Who was safe from the guillotine during the Reign of Terror?
liberty, equality, brother hood Goals stated in the "slogan of the Revolution"
a mob stormed a prison looking for gunpowder What happened on Bastille Day?
Continental System Great Britain reacted to the _____ by organizing its own blockade.
Louisiana Territory Napoleon sold the _______ to raise money, to cut his losses in America, and to increase America's power as a British rival.
Robespierre His fellow revolutionaries finally forced ______ from power.
Committee of Public Safety Group that imposed the Reign of Terror
National Assembly It lost the support of many French peasants because it took away the Catholic Church's lands and independence.
proposed taxation of the Second Estate Issue that led to the first meeting of the Estates-General in 175 years
bourgeoisie Group that most strongly embraced the ideals and principles of the Enlightenment
Congress of Vienna At the _______, Klemens von Metternich wanted to create a balance of power in Europe, strengthen countries surrounding France to prevent future French aggression, and restore Europe's royal families to their thrones.
scorched-earth policy Strategy used by Czar Alexander I to defeat Napoleon in Russia
plebiscite A vote of the people
Estates-General An issue that arose after the king called for the _______ to meet was how many votes each Estate would get.
Third Estate Paid almost all of the taxes in the years preceeding the French Revolution.
Congress of Vienna Their main goal was to establish security and stability for the nations of Europe.
nationalistic One important effect resulting from the political changes made at the Congress of Vienna was that _______ feelings grew in countries placed under foreign rule.
Creole The liberation movements in Spanish South America and Brazil were similar in that both involved the ______ class.
non-violent Brazil's liberation was _____________, while Mexico's liberation was violent.
Toussaint L'Ouverture Led a revolt of enslaved Africans in Saint Domingue
Miguel Hidalgo The independence movement in Mexico was led in part by ______.
Jose de San Martin liberated parts of Spanish-speaking South America.
scorched-earth policy the practice of burning crops and killing livestock durint wartime so that the enemy cannot live off the land.
legitimacy the hereditary right of a monarch to rule
blockade the use of troops or ships to prevent commercial traffic from entering or leaving a city or region.
Holy Alliance a league of European nations formed by the leaders of Russia, Austria, and Prussia after the Congress of Vienna
Concert of Europe a series of alliances among European nations in the 19th century, devised by Prince Klemens von Metternich to prevent the outbreak of revolutions
Congress of Vienna a series of meetings in 1814-1815 during which the European leaders sought to establish long-lasting peace and security after the defeat of Napoleon
Legislative Assembly a French congress with the power to create laws and approve declarations of war, established by the Constitution of 1791
Reign of Terror the period when Maximilien Robespierre ruled France nearly as a dictator and thousands of political figures and ordinary citizens were executed
Napoleonic Code a comprehensive and uniform system of laws established for France by Napoleon
Battle of Trafalgar an 1805 naval battle in which Napoleon's forces were defeated by a British fleet under the command of Horatio Nelson
Peninsular War a conflict in which Spanish rebels, with the aid of British forces, fought to drive Napoleon's French troops out of Spain
Tennis Court Oath a pledge made by the members of France's National Assembly in 1789, in which they vowed to continue meeting until they had drawn up a new constitution
National Assembly a French congress established by representatives of the Third Estate on June 17, 1789, to enact laws and reforms in the name of the French people
Estates General an assembly of representatives from all three of the social classes in France
estate one of the three social classes in France before the French Revolution
Old Regime the political and social system that existed in France before the French Revolution
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