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Everyday Words 16

List 16

AGOG; AGOGUE to bring; to lead
ARCH(E), ARCHA(E) ancient; chief; to rule
COSM universe; order; beauty
DEM people
HELI sun
HOM, HOME, HOMAL same; regular
LOG, LOGY, LOGUE speech; study of; reasoning
MANIA passion for
MIM to imitate
PHON sound; voice
TOM(E) to cut
TYP stamp; model
archaeology study of ancient cultures
archaic ancient; old
archetype model; perfect example
atypical irregular
cosmetology beauty profession
demagogue radical leader
demography study of human populations
endemic native; of a region
epitome summary; perfect example
eulogy speech of praise
euphony pleasing sounds
heliocentric sun at the center
heliograph solar signal
homogenous identical; of the same kind
homophone words that sound the same, but have different meanings
maniacal insane
microcosm little world
microcosm miniature world or universe
mimesis imitation; clone
mimic imitate
monologue speech by one speaker
mythology study of legends
paleontology study of fossils
pedagogy study of teaching methods
pyromania urge to set fires; arson
symphony harmonic sounds
synagogue Jewish house of worship
typical normal; average
typography printing with type
typology study of symbols
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