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Security: National, International and Private

The unlawful use of force to coerce people or governments regarding political or social objective is called Terrorism
Heavily armed groups in the United States, organized around such themes as white supremacy, militant tax resistance or extreme ideologies are known as______terrorists. Domestic
Al-Qaeda is an example of a/an terrorist group. International
Movements based on ______often use tactics such as bombing, kidnappings, hostage taking,hijacking and assassinations. Terrorism
Most counter-terrorism strategies involve an increase in Intelligence
The common component in terrorism is Creating fear
A major objective of terrorists is to Generate publicity for their cause
Legal status, authority, qualifications, and training are topics concerning Police officers
The term access control means Monitoring movement in and out of a facility
When dealing with a suspect of another gender or race, the officer must Treat all suspects with dignity and respect
The standard test to determine knowledge between right and wrong is known as The M'Naughten Rule
The ____plea is a recognized legal defense for a criminal act. Insanity
A prisoner who demonstrates suicidal tendencies should be Placed in an observation cell
The key to success with substance abuse treatment programs is Getting the person to admit they have a problem
A person under the influence of amphetamines generally exhibits Hyperactivity
The R.I.C.O. act was put into place to help combat Organized Crime
Among gangs, _____is the leading crime activity. Drug Sales
What historical event contributed to the rise of organized crime in the United States Prohibition
The term loss prevention means A proactive approach to inventory control
A recognized program aimed at neighborhood crime prevention is known as Community policing
The program aimed at teaching youth to "say no to drugs" is D.A.R.E.
Neighborhood Watch programs aim to Empower citizens
The first step in identifying and controlling terrorism is Threat assessment
What is the name of the agency responsible for border and domestic protection? Homeland Security
In the United States, people can combat terrorism by Maintaining a heightened awareness
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