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Prior to beginning a radio transmission, the officer should depress the microphone button and Pause briefly before speaking
During radio transmission of a critical incident, it is allowable to Request a cease on all radio traffic
When responding to a bomb threat, prior to arrival at the scene, an officer should Turn off all radios
Accident reports provide important information for Traffic engineering
Since most people can only retain approximately 10% of what they , hear, which item is most preferred when documenting a crime scene? Field notes
To be objective, police reports must be written Without prejudice or bias
Three characteristics of a good police report are Legibility, clarity and accuracy
The _____Amendment addresses self-incrimination. Fifth
The____case dealt with self-incrimination and advisement of rights. Miranda vs Arizona
During an interview involving domestic dispute, the police officer should Interview all parties separately and remain neutral
Utilizing appropriate ______language techniques can deescalate an emotionally charged situation. Body
To be effective, officers must utilize communication skills that involve_____messages. Verbal and Non-Verbal
The term,________,describes a hierarchical structure to follow for complaints. Chain of Command
When citizens are alerted to a crime problem, crime reporting usually Decreases
One of the biggest problems facing police officers is the lack of public Confidence
One of the most controversial and damaging issues facing police officers and the public perceptions of the police is Police brutaltity
The_____is a computerized network linked to local police departments, providing information on stolen vehicles, wanted persons, stolen guns and other crime related materials. NCIC-National Crime Information Center
The ____Is a computer-based national law enforcement information clearinghouse. National Crime Information Center-NCIC
The ____maintains the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) sytem. FBI
Created by: Jalessi