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Use of Force Continuum-New York State Penal Law Article 35

The lowest level on the force continuum is ______control. Officer Presence
On the force continuum, the police office may use ______ level(s) above the threat posed by the offender One
According to the force continuum _______is an example of deadly force. Firearm
When responding to an emergency situation, a police officer should Proceed with due care and caution
The term vicarious liability, means that Liability is shared
If a police officer discharges a firearm, the officer may be responsible for A negligent act
Which Supreme Court case sets the standards for the use of deadly force by police? Tennessee vs Garner
When using deadly force, the officer should consider opportunity, jeopardy and Ability
A police officer is justified in drawing his/her weapon when Deadly force is a threat
When subduing a subject, avoid using an impact weapon on the offender's Head
A non-lethal weapon that uses a wire to transmit the control is called A taser
Using______ is considered deadly force. A knife
The term, expandable baton, describes a/an ASP (Armament systems and procedures)
The ______is/are most affected by pepper spray. Eyes
When an officer goes to the firing range, he/she must have _____protection. Eye and ear
A shooter observes a safety hazard while at firearm qualification. The shooter should Raise his/her hand
A firearm should always be treated as if it is Loaded
An officer gives a suspect an order, but the suspect fails to follow the order. The officer should use Contact controls
Compliance control relies on the ______points on the body. Pressure
The term, reactionary gap, is the Safe distance between the officer and the offender
Physical action against another including confinement is known as Physical force
When using physical force an officer must follow the proper time stages including: Prevent,Terminate, Arrest and Prevent escape from custody
A homeowner may use deadly physical force when a burglar exits the dwelling False
Graham vs Connor protects police officers because it Allows the incident to be viewed from the police officer's perspective
A teacher who is entrusted in the care for a minor or incompetent may use physical force when attempting to maintain discipline and promote welfare True
When deciding to use force in NYS a police officer is influenced by NYS Penal Law, Federal Law and Department Policy
Time state & RCTB (Reasonable Cause To Believe) and necessity, reasonableness and recklessness= Amount of force
Within the force continuum what stage are verbal commands present Level 2
An officer must increase the amount of physical force when the suspect decreases their level of force during an arrest False
In the federal case of Graham v. Connor, the Supreme Court ruled that courts must judge deadly force incidents with 20/20 hindsight or as an "armchair quarterback?" False
Under Article 35-Use of force, police officers who believe it necessary to use deadly physical force during an arrest may do so for any escape False
What are the three elements that must be considered when an officer uses deadly physical force Ability, Opportunity and Intent
Which theory or law prevents a person from using physical force to resist arrest whether the arrest was lawful or unlawful, when it reasonably appears that the person making the arrest is a police officer No Sock Law
A police officer may use deadly physical force to prevent or terminate a Grand Larceny 1st Degree when in fact the subject commited such crime. False
Deadly physical force is best defined as Any physical force, under circumstances used is readily capable of causing death or serious physical injury, protracted loss or impairment of the function of any bodily organ.
Only police/peace officers may use deadly physical force to arrest a person who is the immediate flight for the scene of the following crimes: Murder, Manslaughter, Robbery, Forcible Rape, Forcible Criminal Sexual Act False
In the case of Tennessee vs Garner, the Supreme Court ruled that Police officers cannot use deadly physical force to effect the arrest of a person simply because they are fleeing from a felony
The acronym DR. BARKS represents in the use of deadly physical force Deadly physical force, Robbery, Burglary, Arson,Rape, Kidnapping and Sexual Criminal Act
K9 dogs are considered a use of force True
Created by: Jalessi