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Spanish Verbs 600+

Spanish Verbs 600+ (4 Sided)

SpanishEnglishSpanish SentancesEnglish Sentances
Abandoner To leave, desert, abandon El padre abandonó a sus hijos The father deserted his children.
Abordar To board, get on; approach, accost El yate ha abordado al pesquero The yacht has approached the fishing boat.
Abortar To abort, cause to miscarry; to have a miscarriage La policía abortó el intento de fuga The police aborted (interrupted/thwarted) the escape attempt.
Abortar To abort, cause to miscarry; to have a miscarriage Se cayó por la escalera y abortó She fell down the stairs and miscarried.
Abrazar To hug Se abrazaron con cariño. They hugged (each other) warmly.
Abrir To open ¿A qué hora abren la taquilla? What time does the box office open?
Aburrir To bore Este programa aburre a cualquiera. This program bores anyone. (This program is boring to anyone.)
Aburrir To bore Tus quejas nos aburren. Your complaints bore us.
Aburrirse To be bored Me aburre como una piedra (o ostra). I'm bored to tears (lit. bored like a rock/oyster).
Abuser To abuse No quisiera abusar de su amabilidad... I don't want to impose…
Acabar To finish, end Ya casi acabo. I've nearly finished.
Acabar To finish, end Acabó en la cárcel. He ended up in jail.
Acampar To camp, encamp, go camping Decidieron acampar cerca de la Laguna Negra. They decided to camp near Laguna Negra.
Aceptar To accept, approve, agree to No acepto excusas. I won't accept excuses.
Acercar To bring near[er], move [something] nearer Acercaron la mesa a la puerta. They moved the table closer to the door.
Acercar To bring near[er], move [something] nearer ¿Puedes acercarme ese libro? Can you pass me that book?
Acercarse To approach Se le acercaron dos policías. Two policeman approached him.
Acompañar To accompany Acompáñalo hasta la puerta. Acompany him to the door. (command)
Acompañar To accompany La acompañé a su casa. I accompanied her home.
Aconsejar To advise Aconsejarle a alguien hacer algo/que haga algo. To advise someone to do something.
Aconsejar To advise Necesito que alguien me aconseje. I need some advice (from someone).
Aconsejar To advise Has sido mal aconsejado. You've been ill advised. OR You've been given bad advice.
Acontecer To happen, ocurr, come about Los sucesos acontecidos ayer. The events which took place yesterday.
Acordar To decide, resolve, agree [on] Los sindicatos acordaron convocar una huelga. The trade unions agreed to call a strike.
Acordarse To remember De tu padre ni me acuerdo. I can't even remember your father.
Acortar To shorten Una enfermedad puede acortar tu vida. A sickness can shorten your life.
Acortar To shorten Por este camino acortaremos. We'll get there quiker this way.
Acostar To put to bed Lucía acostó a los niños a las ocho de la noche. Lucia pu the kids to bet at 8 o'clock at night.
Acostarse To go to bed, lie down Lucía se acostó a las diez de la noche. Lucia put herself to bed at ten o'clock at night.
Acostarse To go to bed, lie down Acostarse con alguien. To sleep with someone. (sexual conotation)
Acostumbrar To be accustomed to, be in the habit of; to get [someone] used to Acostumbro a levantarme tarde. I am accustomed to getting up late. (I usually get up late.)
Acostumbrarse To get used to, get accustomed to Me acostumbro a levantarme tarde. I am used to getting myself up early.
Actuar To act, perform, actuate, operate El agua actuó como disolvente. The water acted as a solvent.
Actuar To act, perform, actuate, operate Actuará de fiscal en la causa. He will act as public prosecutor in the trial.
Adivinar To guess, fortell, prophesy; to guess correctly Dime qué te pasa, no puedo adivinarte el pensamiento. Tell me what's wrong, I can't read your mind.
Adivinarse To be visible, discernable En medio de la niebla se adivinaban las luces del puerto. The harbour lights were visible through the fog.
Admirar To admire Lo admiro por su honradez. I admire his honesty.
Admitir To admit, allow Admito que estaba equivocado. I admit I was wrong.
Admitir To admit, allow Admitimos todas las tarjetas de crédito. We accept all credit cards.
Adorer To worship Juan adora el deporte. Juan loves the sport.
Adorner To decorate, adorn Como adornar un arból de navidad. How to decorate a christmas tree. (instructions title)
Advertir To warn Le advertí que tuviera cuidado. I warned him to be careful. (leismo)
Afeitar To shave Afeitó la barba. He shaved his beard.
Afeitarse To shave Se afeitó la barba. He shaved his beard.
Afirmar To make firm, steady, strengthen; to affirm, state, assert Afirmó con la cabeza. He nodded.
Agorar To predict, prophesy Agradar,to please, be pleasing ¿Le agrada este, señora?
Agradar To please, be pleasing Esta idea no me agrada. This idea doesn't appeal to me. (I don't like this idea.)
Agradecer To be thankful for; to thank [for] ¡y así es como me lo agradece And so this is how you/he/she thanks me?
Agradecer To be thankful for; to thank [for] Le agradecería que me llamará. I would be grateful (to you) if you call me (e.g. tomorrow).
Agradecer To be thankful for; to thank [for] Se lo agradeceré siempre. I'll always be grateful to him/her.
Aguantar To put up with, endure, bear, stand Aguanto bien el calor. I can (easily) bear the heat.
Ahorcar To hang Lo ahorcá en la pared. He hung it on the wall.
Ahorrar To save Ahorraré la molestia. I will save myself the trouble.
Alcanzar To reach, catch, catch up to, catch up with Casi no alcanzo el tren. I nearly didn't catch the train. (I nearly missed the train.)
Alegrar To make happy, cheer [up], gladden Me alegra saberlo. I'm happy to hear it. (lit. It pleases me to know it.)
Alegrarse To be glad, happy; to become/get happy; to rejoice Me alegro de verte. I'm glad to see you.
Alentar To cheer on, encourage, support El profesor alentó a los alumnos a que hicieran preguntas. The professor encouraged students to ask questions.
Aliviar To alleviate, ease, lessen, lighthen, relieve El doctor alivió su dolor. The doctor aleviated his pain.
Almorzar To lunch Nunca desayuno, pero almuerzo algo a las once. I don't have breakfast, but I have something at eleven.
Alquilar To rent Voy a alquilar el coche. I'm going to rent a car.
Amanecer To dawn; to wake up [feeling or being ...] ¿a qué hora amanece? At what time does it get light out/dawn?
Amanecer To dawn; to wake up [feeling or being ...] Amaneció con fiebre. He woke with a fever.
Amar To love ¿Cómo puede doler amar a una persona como usted? How could it hurt to love someone like you?
Amar To love Ella te ama. She loves you.
Amenazar To threaten, menace Nos amenazó con llamar a la policía. He threatened to call the police (on us).
Andar To walk ¿Has venido andando? Did you walk?
Anhelar To be eager for/to, long for/to, yearn for/to Anhelaba que su hijo fuera feliz. His greatest wish was for his son to be happy.
Animar To encourage, animate, enliven Te animo a visitar Madrid. I encourage you to visit Madrid.
Anunciar To announce Comenzaremos analizando cómo anunciar en Google. We begin by analyzing how to advertise on Google.
Añadir To add Obviamente, no queremos añadir mas inconvenientes a los ya causados. Obviously we don't want to add any more difficulties to those we already have.
Apagar To extinguish, put out, turn off Apagar la llama de la pasión. Put out (quench) the flame of passion.
Apagar To extinguish, put out, turn off Asegurarse de que todos los teléfonos celulares hayan sido apagados. Make sure that all cell phones have been turned off.
Aparecer To appear, make an appearance Hizo aparecer un ramo de flores. He produced a bouquet of flowers.
Aplaudir To applaud Dicen que no se vio en un penal a 400 presos aplaudir de la manera como aplaudiendo cuando yo terminé de hablar. They say 400 penitentiary inmates had never been seen applauding as they did after I finished talking.
Aplicar To apply El acuerdo se aplica solo a los afiliados. The agreement only applies to members.
Apostar To bet Te apuesto una cerveza. I bet you a beer.
Apoyar To support Apóyalo contra la pared. Lean it against the wall.
Apreciar To appreciate para apreciar la magnitud de los daños... In order to appreciate the extent of the damages.
Aprender To learn ¿Qué te habría gustado aprender? What would you have liked to learn?
Apretar To squeeze Apretó al niño contra su pecho. He/she clutched the child against his/her chest.
Apretar To squeeze Me apretó el brazo con fuerza. He squeezed my are tightly.
Aprobar To approve Mi deseo no es solo aprobar el nivel Intermedio, sino también aprobar el nivel Superior. My wish is not just to acheive the level of intermediate, but rather the highest level.
Arreglar To fix, repair, arrange El dentista me está arreglando la boca. The dentist is fixing my teeth.
Arreglar To fix, repair, arrange Esto te arreglará el estómago. This will fill your stomach.
Arreglar To fix, repair, arrange lo quiso arreglar diciendo que ... He/she tried to put things right by saying that …
Arreglar To fix, repair, arrange tengo todo arreglado para el viaje I have everything ready for the trip.
Arrepentirse To repent Algún día te arrepentirás. One day you'll be sorry.
Arrojar To shed, to throw, hurl, cast, toss La comunidad científica dice que este descubrimiento podría arrojar luz sobre como los humanos comenzaron a utilizar herramientas. The scientific community says that this discovery could shed light on how humans began to use tools.
Asistir To attend, assist En el consulado lo asistirán. You will receive assistance/care at the consulate.
Asistir To attend, assist Asistió a una sola clase. He/she only went to one class.
Asociar To associate; to pool, put together [efforts, resources] No logro asociarla con nada. I can't associate her with anything/can't place her.
Aspirer To aspire to; to breathe in, inhale Aspirar a algo. To aspire to something.
Asustar To scare Me asustó cuando se puso tan serio. He/she gave me a scare when he/she became serious.
Asustarse To be scared, frightened Me asusté cuando vi que no estaba allí. I became frightened when I saw he wasn't there.
Atacar To attack Atacar por la espalda. Attack from behind/to jump someone/to stab in the back.
Attender To attend to En esa tienda atienden muy mal. The service is very bad here.
Attender To attend to El doctor no atiende los martes. The doctor does not see people on tuesdays.
Atraer To attract Mo me atrae la idea. I don't like the idea/ it doesn't appeal to me.
Atravesar To cross, go over Atravesó el río a nado. He/she swam across the river.
Atreverse To dare ¡anda, atrévete Go on, I dare you
Aumentar To increase Aumentará el frío. It will become colder.
Aumentar To increase Aumentó de peso. He/she put on weight.
Avanzar To move forward, advance, make progress Análisis de cómo avanzar en el tema de gobernabilidad. Analysis of how to make further progress with the issue of governance.
Avanzar To move forward, advance, make progress Voy a avanzar todo lo que pueda hasta que me vaya. I'll make as much progress on this as I can before I leave.
Averiguar To ascertain, confirm Nunca mas podria aveiguar nadie hacia donde se dirigia aquella gente. Never more would anyone be able to ascertain in which direction those people were headed.
Averiguar To ascertain, confirm Me gustaría averiguar si puedo accederlos antes de que yo viaje a Buenos Aires. I would like to confirm that I can access them before I travel to Buenos Aires.
Averiguar To ascertain, confirm Hoy fui a mi banco a averiguar sobre lo que pudo haber pasado con el deposito. Today I went to my bank to find out what had happened with (o "to") the deposit.
Avisar To notify, warn ¿por qué no me avisaste que venías? Why didn't you let me know you were coming?
Ayudar To help ¿te ayudo? Can I help you? Do yo u need help?
Bailar To dance Baila al son que le tocan. She always goes with the flow.
Bajar To lower, go down, descend, download Bajé corriendo la cuesta. I came running down the hill.
Bañar To give a bath [to someone], to bathe [someone] Tienes que bañar en oro esa pulsera. You have to goldplate that bracelet.
Barrer To sweep La inundación barrió con todo. The flood swept everything away.
Batir To beat, hammer, pound [on], whisk Nuestro equipo fue batido dos veces seguidas. Our team was beaten two times consecutively.
Bautizar To baptize, christen La bautizarron con el nombre de Ana. She was bazptized Ana.
Beber To drink Si bebes, no conduzcas. If you drink, don't drive.
Bendecir To bless, foretell, forecast ¡que Dios te bendiga God bless you
Besar To kiss M e dio un beso en la mejilla. He gave me a kiss on the cheek.
Border To embroider Lo bordó a mano. She embroidered it by hand.
Borrar To delete, erase, wipe/cross out La sonrisa no se le borraba de la cara. He couldn't wipe the smile off his face.
Brillar To shine, stand out El jardín también tenía una pileta cuyo agua brillaba con la lus naranja del atardecer. The garden also had a swiming–pool whose water shone/shimmered in the orange light of the sunset.
Brindar To toast [someone,something] Le brindó su apoyo. She gave him her support.
Broncearse To tan, sunbathe Broncearse en la playa To sunbathe on the beach.
Bucear To dive underwater; SCUBA/Snorkel Me gusta Brasil por sus playas y para poder nadar y bucear. I like Brazil for its beaches and to be able to swim and scuba dive.
Burlar To deceive, trick; to seduce Burlaron la vigilancia de la policía. They slipped by the police.
Burlarse To mock, ridicule No permitas que se burlen de ti. Don't allow them to mock you.
Buscar To seek, search for Te buscan en la portería. Someone is asking for you at reception.
Caber To fit into No cabemos los cuatro. All four of us won't fit.
Caer To fall El coche cayó por un precipicio. The car went off a cliff.
Calcular To calculate Calculé mal la distancia. I misscalculated the distance.
Calendar To heat up Esta estufa casi no calienta. This heater is hardly giving off heat.
Calentarse To become warmed,heated Los ánimos se calentaron. Tempers flared.
Callar To silence [something] No pude hacerlo callar. We couldn't get him to shut up.
Callarse To be quiet, shut up Cuando entró todos se callaron. When we walked in everyone went quiet.
Calmar To calm, ease Esto calmó los ánimos. This eased the tensions.
Calmarse To calm down yourself Esta tos no se me calma con nada. Nothing can relieve my sore throat.
Cambiar To change Le cambió la pila al reloj. He/she changed the battery in the clock.
Caminar To walk Camino un par de kilómetros diarios. I walk two kilometers every day.
Cancelar To cancel, write off Que fue lo último que yo debía para cancelar la cuenta? What would my last payment be to pay off what I owe in order to cancel the account?
Cansar To tire out, wear out ¿no te cansa oír la misma música? Don't you get tired of listening to the same music?
Cansarse To be tired Se le cansa la vista. Here eyes get tired.
Cantar To sing Me gusta cantar. I like to sing.
Caracterizar To characterize, portray Con la franqueza que lo caracteriza, With his characterstic frankness,
Cargar To load Nos vamos a caracterizar de indigenas para la clase de teatro. We are going to portray indians in theather class.
Casar To marry Casó muy bien a sus dos hijos. She successfully married off her two husbands.
Casarse To marry Se casó con un abogado. She married a lawyer.
Castigar To punish, penalize, castigate Fueron castigados con la pena máxima. They received the maximum sentence.
Causar To cause, create Le causó mucha pena It made him very sad.
Cazar To hunt, catch Ha cazado un millonario/buen empleo. She landed herself a millionaire/good job.
Cenar To eat dinner Nos invitaron a cenar. They invited us to dinner.
Censurer To censor, criticize Algunas escenas de la obra fueron censuradas. Some scenes from the play were cut.
Cepillar To brush Cepillar a contrapelo. To brush against the grain.
Cerrar To close Cierra la puerta con llave. Lock the door.
Cesar To stop Cesó en su cargo. She resigned/left her post.
Charlar To chat Quiero charlar y ver que se da con un chico (coloquial). I want to talk to and see what happens with a boy (love interest).
Chismear To gossip
Chocar To crash, collide; to startle El balón chocó contra el poste. The ball hit the goalpost.
Civilizer to make civilized
Clarificar To clarify, illuminate, grade, rate
Clasificarse To qualify Se clasificó en sexto lugar. He finished in sixth place.
Cobrar To charge, charge a price, collect an amount Nos cobran 30.000 pesos de alquiler. They charge us 30,000 pesos in rent.
Cobrar To charge, charge a price, collect an amount Vinó a cobrar el alquiler. He/she came to collect the rent.
Cocinar To cook ¿quién cocina en tu casa? Who does the cooking in your house?
Cocinar To cook A casi todos chicos les gustan chicas que saben cocinar. Nearly all boys like girls who know how to cook.
Coger To catch, grasp, take hold of Cojamos un avión y visitemos los Países Bajos. Let's take a plane and visit the Netherlands.
Colgar Hang, suspend El abrigo estaba colgado de un gancho. The coat was hanging on a hook.
Colocar To place, locate, put Se colocó a mi lado. She stood at my side.
Colonizer To colonize, settle Los pingüinos han colonizado esa parte de la isla. The penguins have settled on that part of the island.
Combater To combat, fight, oppose Combatieron con el enemigo hasta caer rendidos. They fought against the enemy until they became exhausted.
Comenzar To begin Comenzó a decir barbaridades. He started talking non–sense.
Comer To eat No tengo ganas de comer. I'm not hungary.
Competir To compete Los dos modelos compiten en calidad The two models rival each other in quality.
Componer To compose, put together El tren estaba compuesto por ocho vagones. The train was made up of eight cars.
Comprar To buy Le compra el periódico a Lucía. He buys the newspaper for Lucia.
Comprender To understand, comprehend Nadie me comprende. Nobody understands me.
Comunicar To communicate, inform Espero que nos comunique su decisión tan pronto como sea posible. I hope you let us know what you decide as soon as possible.
Comunicarse To communicate to/with someone Communicarse por señas. To communicate via sign language.
Condenar To damn, condemn, sentence Lo condenaron por robo. He was convicted of robbery.
Conducer To drive, conduct, lead to Esa actitud no conduce a nada. That attitude won't achieve anything.
Confesar To confess El cura que la confiesa. The preist who hears her confession.
Confiar To trust No confío en ella. I don't trust her.
Confirmer To confirm La excepción que confirma la regla. The exception that proves the rule.
Compartir To share, divide up ¿por qué no compartimos lo que queda de tarta? Why don't we share what's left of the pie?
Confiscar To confiscate Tengo que confiscar esos caramelos. I have to confiscate those sweets.
Conjugar To conjugate Hay que saber conjugar todas las opciones. You have to know how to combine all options.
Conocer To be familiar with people, places; to meet Quiero que conozcas a mi novio. I would like for you to meet my boyfriend.
Conquistar To conquer, overcome Conquistamos la cima al atardecer. We reached the summit at dusk.
Conquistar To conquer, overcome Acabó conquistándola. He won her heart in the end.
Conseguir To get, obtain Si lo intentas, al final lo conseguirás. If you try, you will succeed in the end.
Consenter To consent ¡no te consiento que me hables así I won't have you speak to me this way
Consenter To consent Se lo consienten todo. He is allowed to do whatever he likes.
Conserver To preserve, conserve Conservo buenos recuerdos suyos. I have good memories of him.
Consistir To consist of El mobiliario consistía en una cama y una silla. The furniture consisted of a bed and a chair.
Constituir To constitute Esta acción no constituye delito. This action does not constitute a crime.
Construer To build, construct
Consumer To consume, eat, use up La envidia la consumía. She was consumed with envy.
Contaminar To contaminate Contar To tell, relate
Contener To contain ¿qué contiene esa caja? What does that box contain?
Contester To answer Me contestó que no. He replied no.
Continuar To continue Si las cosas continúan así. If things continue like this.
Contribuir To contribute Contribuyó con 10 euros. He contributed 10 euros.
Controlar To control, inspect Controlamos la situación. We are in control of the situation.
Convencer To convince La convencí de que estaba equivocada. I convinced her she was wrong.
Convener To agree or be suited/good for No conviene que nos vean juntos. We'd better not be seen together.
Conversar To talk, converse Conversé largo rato con ella. I had a long talk with her.
Convertir To convert
Convidar To invite Nos convidaron a unas copas. They invited us for a few drinks.
Copier To copy Le copié la respuesta a Ana. I copied the answer from Ana.
Corregir To correct Un defecto físico que se corrige solo. A defect that corrects itself.
Corer To run Salieron corriendo del banco. They ran out of the bank.
Cortar To cut Me cortó un trozo de melón. She cut me a piece of melon.
Coser To sew, stitch up Cóselo a máquina. Sew it up on the machine.
Costar To cost ¿cuánto me costará arreglarlo? Ho much will it cost me to fix it?
Crear To create Crea muchos problemas. It creates a lot of problems.
Crecer To grow [up] Crecieron en un pueblo. They grew up in a village.
Creer To believe ¿tú crees? Do you think so?
Criar To raise, nurse (babies) Esta tierra cría gusanos. This soil breeds worms.
Criarse To be brought up Me crie con mi abuela. I was brought up by my grandmother.
Criticar To criticize
Crucificar To crucify
Cruzar To cross Cruzaron por el puente. They crossed the bridge.
Cubrir To cover Cubrí al niño con una manta. I covered the child with a blanket.
Cuidar To care for, look after Debes cuidar la ortografía. You must take care of your spelling.
Culpar To blame, accuse La culparon del asesinato. She was accused of the murder.
Cultivar To cultivate, grow
Cumplir To fullfil, carry out, reach La satisfacción del deber cumplido. The satisfaction of having done one's duty.
Curar To cure, treat, heal
Dar To give Dale las llaves a Pedro. Give the keys to Pedro.
Deber To must, ought to Te debo las entradas de ayer. I owe you for the tickets from yesterday.
Decider To decide, resolve Decidí comprarlo. I decided to buy it.
Decidirse To decide, make up your mind Me decido que.. I made up my mind that...
Decir To say No digas estupideces. Don't talk nonsense.
Declarer Declare Le declaró su amor. He declared his love to her.
Decorar To decorate Esta empresa nos decoró la oficina en una semana. This company decorated the office in a week.
Dedicar To dedicate Dedicó su vida a la ciencia/ayudar a los pobres. She dedicated her life to science/helping the poor.
Dedicarse Devote oneself, dedicate oneself, engage ¿a qué se dedica tu padre? What does your father do?
Defender Defend Me defiendo bastante bien en francés. I can get by well enough in French.
Dejar Leave, abandon; let, allow Lo dejé en recepción. I left it in reception.
Demostrar Demonstrate, show Ha demostrado ser muy capaz. He's shown himself to be very capable.
Depender Depend Depende del humor que tenga. It depends on the mood he is in.
Depender To depend, rely Depende de sus padres. He/she depends on his/her parents.
Depositar Deposit, put away
Deprimir Depress, flatten
Derretir Melt, liquify, thaw Echaron sal para derretir la nieve. They used salt to melt the snow.
Desagradar Displease, be displeasing Me desagrada el calor/tener que decírselo. I don't like the heat/having to tell her.
Desagradecer To be ungrateful, unthankful for
Desaparecer Disappear Me ha desaparecido la cartera. I can't find my wallet.
Desayunar Breakfast ¿qué desayunaste? What did you have for breakfast?
Descansar Rest, take a rest; support, lean Descansó la cabeza en mi hombro. He rested his head on my shoulder.
Descender To descend, come/go down Desciende de los duques de Villamediana. He's a descendant of the Dukes of Villamediana.
Describer Describe
Descubrir To discover Descubrió que no era hija de su padre. She discovered that she was not her fathers daughter.
Desarrollar To develop, expand; to unroll, unwind; to unfold Han desarrollado un nuevo modelo de ordenador portátil. They have developed a new type of portable computer.
Desarrollarse To develop, evolve; to unwind
Desear To wish Te deseo un feliz viaje. I hope you have a good trip.
Deshacer To undo, unmake, ruin, spoil, take apart
Despedirse To say goodbye to, show out Vinieron a despedirme al aeropuerto. They came to see me off at the airport.
Despertar To awaken [somebody], wake up [somebody]
Despertarse To wake up
Destruir To destroy
Detener Stop, hold up, arrest ¡queda usted detenido You're under arrest
Detenerse Stop, pause, linger No nos detengamos demasiado en los detalles. Let's not spend too much time discussing the details.
Detester To detest, hate
Devolver To return [something] Devuélvelo a su lugar. Put it back in it's place.
Devorar To devour Fue devorado por las llamas. It was consumed by the flames.
Dibujar Draw Dibújame un boceto de tu casa de campo. Sketch your country house for me.
Dirigir Lead, direct La pregunta iba dirigida a usted. The question was directed at you.
Diseñar Design
Disgustar Displease, (used much like gustar) Me disgustó mucho que me mintiera. I was very upset that he lied to me.
Disminuir To decrease, diminish Esto disminuye sus probabilidades de entrar en la Universidad. This lowers his chances of admission to the University.
Distinguir Distinguish, make out, recognize No soy capaz de distinguir a Juan de su hermano gemelo. I can't distinguish Juan from his twin brother.
Distribuir Distribute, hand out ¿quién distribuye esta revista en España? Who distributes this magazine in Spain?
Diverter To amuse, entertain ¡que te diviertas Have fun
Divertirse To have fun, have a good time, enjoy oneself Nos divertimos mucho en la fiesta. We had a really good time at the party.
Divorciar Divorce
Divorciarse Divorce
Doblar Turn, fold, bend Dobló la barra de metal. He bent/folded the metal bar.
Doblar Turn, fold, bend La dobla en edad. He's twice her age.
Doler Hurt, feel pain No duele nada. It doesn't hurt at all.
Dormer To sleep No dormí nada. I didn't sleep at all.
Dormirse To fall asleep Casi me duermo en la clase. I almost fell asleep in class.
Duchar To shower (something, someone) Me has duchado con la manguera. You have drenched me with the hose.
Ducharse To take a shower Me duché. I showered.
Dudar Doubt Dudo que lo haya terminado. I doubt he's finished it.
Durar To last, go on ¿cuánto dura la película? How long is the movie?
Echar Throw, deal (cards) Lo eché a la basura. I threw it away.
Echarse Hurl oneself Échate un poco para allá. Move over that way a bit.
Educar Educate Debería educar el oído. She should train her ear.
Efectuar To effect, bring about El tren efectuará su salida a las tres. The train will leave at three.
Ejercer Exercise, practice Ejerce la medicina. He/she practices medicine.
Elegir Choose, elect Me dieron a elegir. I was given the choice.
Eliminar To remove, eliminate
Emborrachar to get someone drunk, make drunk
Emborracharse Get drunk
Emigrar Emigrate, migrate
Empezar Begin No sé por dónde empezar. I don't know where to begin.
Emplear To employ, hire, use Empleó varias horas en terminar el dibujo. It took him a few hours to finish the picture.
Enamorar To make ... fall in love with, get ... to fall in love with
Enamorarse To fall in love
Encantar to charm, enchant (a love interest) Me encantaría que me acompañaras. I'd love for you to come with me.
Encender Burn, light, turn on No dejes el televisor encendido Don't leave the television on.
Encontrar Find No encontré entradas para el teatro. I couldn't get tickets for the theater.
Enfadar To anger, annoy
Enfadarse To get angry
Enfermar Make ill, cause sickness in Enfermaron de tuberculosis. They caught tuberculosis.
Enfermarse Become sick
Enflaquecer To make weak, thin
Enflaquecerse Grow weak, lose weight
Engañar To trick, fool, swindle No me engañes, ese no es tu coche. You can't fool me, this isn't your car.
Enojar To anger, annoy
Enojarse To become angry, annoyed
Enriquecer Enrich, make rich
Enriquecerse Get rich
Enseñar Teach Enséñame a manejar la cámara. Teach me how to use the camera.
Ensuciar To dirty Lo vas a ensuciar todo de barro. You'll get mud everywhere.
Entender Understand Lo entendió todo al revés. He got it all completely wrong.
Enterarse To find out about, learn of Me enteré por tus padres. I found out from your parents.
Entrar Enter Entró corriendo. He came running.
Entregar To hand over Me entregó un cuestionario. He/she handed me a questionnaire.
Entretener Entertain Pintar me entretiene. I enjoy painting.
Entrevistar Interview
Entusiasmar excite [someone/thing] Lo entusiasma el fútbol. He's crazy about footbal.
Entusiasmarse To get excited
Envejecer To age, make old La felicidad del matrimonio esta en envejecer juntos. The joy in marriage lies in growing old together.
Envejecerse To age (get old)
Enviar To send Me envió por pan. He/she sent me out for bread.
Equivocar To mistake Me equivoqué con él. I was wrong about him.
Equivocarse make a mistake No te equivoques de fecha. Don't get the date wrong.
Errar To make an error Erró su vocación. He/she chose the wrong career.
Escoger Choose Escoge que quieras. Choose what you want.
Seconder To hide
Esconderse To hide oneself
Escribir To write Escríbelo aquí. Write it down here.
Escuchar To listen ¿Me estás escuchando? Are you listening to me?
Esperar To hope; to wait Le espera un futuro difícil. A difficult future is waiting for him.
Esquiar To ski
Establecer To establish Estableció su residencia en Mónaco. He/she established residence in Monaco.
Estar To be Está mal que no se lo perdones. It's wrong of you not to forgive him.
Estimar Estimate, regard, respect Estimo tu ayuda. I appreciate your help.
Estudiar Study ¿qué carrera estudió? What subject did he study?
Evacuar To evacuate
Evitar To avoid, prevent
Exhibir To exhibit, display Le gusta exhibir sus dotes de pianista. He likes to show off his talent as a pianist.
Exigir To require, demand Exigió que se retiraran. He/she demanded that they leave.
Explicar Explain No sé explicarlo. I can't explain it.
Explorer Explore Quisiera explorar la posibilidad de aumentar la plantilla. I'd like to explore the possibility of increasing the number of staff.
Explotar To exploit, explode
Exponer To expose, display Te expones a que te multen. You expose yourself to the risk of a fine.
Exporter To export Nos gustaría exportar este sentimiento solidario a otras comunidades. We'd like our spirit of solidarity to spread to other communities.
Expresar Express, state Expresó ciertas dudas acerca de su capacidad. He expressed doubts regarding his abilities.
Extender To extend Le extendió la mano. He extended his hand to him/her.
Extenderse To stretch Se extiende hasta el río. It stretches to the river.
Extinguir To extinguish Tardaron tres días en extinguir el fuego completamente. It took them three days to extinguish the fire completely.
Fabricar To produce, manufacture Fabricado en Perú. Manufactured in Peru.
Faltar To lack Te falta un botón. You are missing a button.
Fascinar Fascinate Me fascinó ese programa. I found that program fascinating.
Felicitar To congratulate Me felicitó por el premio. He congratulated me for my win.
Fijar To fix, affix Fijó la mirada en el horizonte. He/she fixed his/her gaze on the horizon.
Fingir To pretend Fingió no verme. He/she pretended not to see me.
Firmar Sign
Florecer Bloom
Formar To form, shape ¡formen parejas Get into/form pairs
Fortalecer To strengthen
Freír To fry
Fumar To smoke
Funcionar To function, operate
Ganar To win, earn, gain ¿qué ganas con eso? What do you gain by doing that?
Gastar To spend, consume Gasto el 37. I wear a size 37.
Generalizer To generalize No todos son así, no se puede generalizar. They are not all like that, you can't generalize.
Glorificar To glorify
Gobernar To govern
Graduar To graduate
Graduarse To graduate
Gritar To shout Me gritó desde la otra acera. He shouted at me from the other side of the street.
Gruñir To growl
Guarder Guard Ya guardé toda la ropa de invierno I already put away all my winter clothing.
Guiar To guide guiarse por el instinto To follow your instincts.
Gustar To like Me gusta su compañía. I like her company.
Hablar To speak Hablan muy bien de él. People speak very highly of him.
Hacer to do, make Me hizo un lugar en la mesa. He made me a place at the table.
Hallar To find, locate Halló la puerta abierta. She found the door open.
Hallarse To find oneself La responsabilidad educativa se halla en gran parte descentralizada. Educational responsibility is to a great degree decentralized. Or, Educational responsibility finds itself to a great degree decentralized.
Herir To hurt Hirió sus sentimientos. He/she hurt his/her feelings.
Hervir To boil Añade la sal cuando rompa a hervir. Add the salt when it boils.
Huir To flee Huyó de la cárcel. He/she escaped from prison.
Ilustrar To illustrate Ahora, escribe oraciones completas para ilustrar cada uso. Now, write complete sentences to illustrate each use.
Importer To import No importa quién lo haga. It doesn't matter who does it.
Imprimir To print Imprime su estilo a todo lo que hace. He puts his mark on anything he does.
Incluir To include Inclúyelo en la lista. Include him on the list.
Indicar Indicate Hay una flecha que indica el camino. There is an arrow that indicates the way.
Inducer To induce Lo indujo al crimen. He/she led him/her into crime.
Influir To influence
Informar To inform Te han informado mal. You have been misinformed.
Iniciar To start, initate Iniciar el proceso de paz. To initiate the peace process.
Inmigrar To immigrate
Insistir To insist Ya que insistes. If you insist.
Instalar To install
Insultar To insult
Intentar To try, attempt Intentaremos que regrese hoy mismo. We will try to get him to come today.
Interesar To interest, be of interest Esto a ti no te interesa. This doesn't concern you.
Interpreter Interpret translate Interpretó mal tus palabras. He/she misinterpreted what you said.
Introducer To introduce Su padre lo introdujo en la política. His father introduced him to politics.
Invader To invade Los trabajadores invadieron la calle. The workers poured out into the street.
Inventor To invent
Invertir To invest Voy a invertir todos mis esfuerzos en sacar este curso adelante. I'm going to invest all of my efforts in successfully completing this course.
Investigar To investigate
Inviter To invite Hoy invitas tú. Today it's on you.
Invocar To invoke
Ir To go Iban a caballo/a pie. They went on horseback/on foot.
Irse To go away, leave ¿por qué te vas tan temprano? Why are you going so soon?
Jactarse To boast, brag
Jugar To play Jugamos una partida de ajedrez. We played a game of chess.
Juntar To join, put together Juntaremos las sillas. We will put the chairs together.
Juntarse To get together Nos juntaremos en tu casa. We'll meet at your house.
Jurar To swear, take an oath Juró vengarse. He swore to get his revenge.
Ladrar To bark (dog)
Lamenter To regret Lamento molestarlo... I'm sorry to bother you....
Lanzar To throw, launch Lanzó un grito de dolor. He cried out in pain.
Lastimar To hurt emotionally No lastimes sus sentimientos. Don't hurt his/her feelings.
Lavar To wash Hay que levantarlo en seco. You must dy–clean it.
Lavarse To wash (hands, hair, etc)
Leer To read Leer los labios. To read lips.
Legalizer To leagalize, authenticate
Levanter To lift Le levantó el castigo. He let him off the hook.
Levantarse To get up ¿me puedo levantar de la mesa? May I leave the table?
Limpiar To clean Lo limpió con un trapo. He wiped it with a cloth.
Llamar To call El sindicato los llamó a la huelga. The union called them out on strike.
Llamarse To be called Su padre se llama Pedro. His father's name is Pedro.
Llegar To arrive, reach No me llegó el telegrama. I never received the telegram.
Llenar To fill No me llenes el vaso. Don't fill up my glass.
Llevar To take, carry Le llevé unas flores. I brought her some flowers.
Llorar To mourn Estaba a punto de llorar. She was on the verge of tears.
Llover To rain
Lograr To get, attain, achieve, accomplish Logrará su propósito. He'll achieve his goal.
Luchar To fight
Madurar To mature, ripen
Mandar To mandate, order A mí nadie me manda. Nobody tells me what to do.
Manejar To drive, run, operate No sé manejar la grúa. I don't know how to operate the crane.
Mantener To maintain, keep up Mantener la calma. To maintain calm.
Maquillar To put makeup on, disguise, make up, falsify En su declaración maquilló un poco el asunto. In his declaration he wasn't entirely truthful.
Maquillarse To put on makeup, a disguise
Marcar To mark, score, brand El reloj marca las doce en punto. The time was exactly 12.
Masticar To chew
Matar To kill Lo mató un coche. He was killed by a car.
Matricular To register, enroll
Matricularse To register oneself
Medir To measure ¿cuánto mide de alto/largo? How tall/long is it?
Mentir To lie Me mintió. He/she lied to me.
Merecer To deserve Merece que le den el puesto. She deserves to get the job.
Merendar To snack Merendamos en el campo. We had a picnic in the country.
Meter To put in, introduce Logró meter todo en la maleta. He managed to fit it all in the suitcase.
Mezclar To mix No me gusta mezclar a los amigos. I don't like to mix my friends.
Mirar To look No me mires así. Don't look at me that way.
Modificar To modify, alter Han modificado el texto sustancialmente. The text was altered substantially.
Molestar To bother, annoy Perdone que lo moleste. Sorry to bother you.
Montar To ride, mount Montó al niño en el poni. He lifted the boy onto the pony.
Morir To die Murió asesinada. He/she was murdered.
Mostrar To show (by example) Muéstrame cómo funciona. Show me how it works.
Mover To move No muevas la cámara. Don't move the camera.
Moverse To move La lámpara se movía con el viento. The lamp was swaying in the wind.
Mudra To molt, shed, change, move residence Cuando mudó de voz.. When his voice broke...
Mudarse To molt, shed, change, move residence Se mudaron a una casa más grande. They moved to a bigger house.
Nacer To be born ¿Dónde naciste? Where were you born.
Nadir To swim ¿Sabes nadar? Do you know how to swim?
Navegar To navigate, sail
Necesitar To need Se necesita vendedora. Saleswoman needed.
Negar To deny No puedo negarlo. I can't deny it.
Negarse To refuse to Se negó a que llamáramos a un médico. He refused to let us call a doctor.
Negociar To negotiate Negociamos con él la compra de las acciones. We negociated the purchase of the shares with him.
Nevar To snow
Notar To notice No noté nada extraño. I didn't notice anything strange.
Obedecer To obey Obedece a tu madre. Do as your mother tells you.
Obligor To obligate, bind, force No lo obligues a comer. Don't force him to eat.
Obtener To obtain, get
Ocurrir To occur, happen Ocurra lo que ocurra. Whatever happens, happens.
Odiar To hate Odio la plancha. I hate ironing.
Offender To offend
Ofrecer To offer ¿qué se le ofrece, señora? What would you like, madam?
Oír To hear No oigo nada. I can't hear anything.
Oler To smell ¿no hueles a humo? You don't smell smoke?
Olvidar To forget Había olvidado que.. I had fogotten that...
Olvidarse To forget Se me olvidó decírtelo..... I forgot to tell you...
Oponer To pit A against B No opuso resistencia. He put up no resistence.
Oponerse To put on, become (mental state) Nuestros caracteres se oponen. We are opposites.
Organizer To organize Organizaron una fiesta de despedida. They organized a farewell party.
Padecer To suffer Padece del corazón. He suffers from heart problems.
Pagar To pay ¿cuánto pagas de alquiler? How much do you pay in rent?
Parar To stop, halt Para un momento. Hang on a minute.
Parecer To seem, appear Parece fácil. It looks easy.
Participar To participate
Pasar To pass by, happen, spend (time) No ha pasado ni un taxi. Not one taxi has passed by.
Patina To skate, slide, skid Patinar sobre ruedas/hielo. To roller/ice skate.
Pedir To request, ask for Pidieron un préstamo al banco. They asked the bank for a loan.
Pegar To stick, glue, attach, pick up... Le pegó una paliza terrible. She gave him a terrible beating.
Peinar To comb, brush ¿quién te peina? Who does your hair?
Pelear To fight, brawl Pelearon por una tontería. They had fight over a silly little thing.
Pensar To think Pensé para mí... I thought to myself....
Perder To lose (in all senses) Perdí el pasaporte. I lost my passport.
Perdonar To pardon, forgive Te perdono. I forgive you.
Permanecer To stay, remain Permaneció en silencio. He stayed silent.
Permitir To allow No le permitieron verla. He was not permitted to see her.
Perseguir To pursue, hunt Me persigue la mala suerte. I'm hounded by bad luck.
Pertenecer To pertain, belong Este libro pertenece a tu biblioteca. This book belongs to your library.
Pesar To weigh on (emotionally or physically) Ahora me pesa mucho. Now I deeply regret it.
Pescar To fish Fuimos a pescar. We went fishing.
Picar To prick puncture, sting, itch Me picaron los mosquitos. I got bitten by mosquitos.
Pintar To paint Pintó la puerta de rojo. She painted the door red.
Platicar To talk, chat (Mex and CA)
Planchar To iron, press
Plantar To plant, put; to ditch, dump (colloq) Plantaremos todo el jardín de jazmines. We'll plant the whole garden with jazmines.
Poder To be able to No puedo pagar tanto. I can't pay so much.
Poner To put ¿cuántos le pongo? How many would you like? (How many should I put to you?)
Ponerse To put on [clothing]; to put/place [oneself]; to turn/get/become [+ adjective of physical/mental state]) Pongámonos ahí. Let's stand here.
Practicar To practice No practica ningún deporte. He doesn't practice any sports.
Predecir To predict
Preferir To prefer Prefiero que te quedes. I would prefer if you stayed.
Preguntar To ask Eso no se pregunta. You shouldn't ask things like that.
Preguntarse To wonder, ask oneself me pregunto... I wonder...
Preparer To prepare Preparar una fiesta. Prepare a party.
Prepararse To prepare oneself
Presenter To submit, introduce Te presento a mi hermana. I would like you to meet my sister.
Preserver To preserve, protect
Prever To foresee, fortell Se prevé un aumento de precios. A rise in prices has been predicted.
Probar To test, try No prueba el alcohol. He never drinks alcohol.
Producer To produce Las vacas producen leche. Cows produce milk.
Prohibir To prohibit Iba en dirección prohibida. I was going the wrong direction.
Prometer To promise Te lo prometo. I promise you.
Proponer To propose Nos propuso ir al campo. She proposed we go to the countryside.
Proseguir To continue, proceed
Proteger To protect
Protestar To protest Vamos a protestar contra la subida de impuestos. We are going to protest against the rise in taxes.
Provocar To provoke Su decisión fue provocada por.. His decision was provoked by...
Publicar To publish Publicó su primera novela... She published her first novel.
Purificar To purify
Quebrar To snap, break; fail, go bankrupt
Quebrarse To snap, break; fail, go bankrupt
Quedar To stay, remain, be left; to be [indicating location] ¿queda alguien adentro? Is there anyone left inside?
Quedarse To stay [behind], remain [behind] No me gusta quedarme sola en casa. I don't like staying home alone.
Quejarse To complain
Quemar To burn, set on fire
Quemarse To burn down, be consumed by fire Realizer To achieve, attain, realize Realizó una magnífica labor.
Rechazar To reject
Recibir To receive Recibió muchos regalos. She recieved lots of gifts.
Reciclar To recycle
Recoger To pick up Vino a recogernos a las tres. He/she came to pick us up at three.
Recomendar To recommend No te lo recomiendo. I wouldnt recommend it.
Reconocer To recognize Le reconocí por el modo de andar. I recognized him by the way he walks.
Recorder To remember Recuerdo que lo puse ahí. I recall putting it here.
Reducer To reduce Debería reducir el consumo de sal. You should cut down on salt.
Regular To give a gift Me regaló una pulsera. He gave me bracelet.
Regar To irrigate, water, sprinkle
Regatear To bargain, haggle
Regir To be in force, valid; to govern Ese horario ya no rige. That timetable is no longer valid.
Registrar To register, record, search
Registrarse To register oneself
Regresar To return, go back No sé cuándo va a regresar. I don't know when he/she is going to return.
Regular To regulaate, control, adjust
Rehusar To refuse Rehusó presidir la empresa. He/she refused to accept the post.
Reinar To reign, rule En la iglesia reinaba el silencio. Silence reigned in the church.
Reír To laugh Me hace reír. He makes me laugh.
Renacer To be reborn Sentí renacer la esperanza. I felt renewed hope.
Renovar To renew Tengo que renovar mi vestuario. I must update my wardrobe.
Renunciar To renounce, surrender, resign Renunciamos a la herencia. We relinquished the inheritance.
Reñir To quarrel, argue, tell off Mamá me riñó por romper el perchero. Mom yelled at me for breaking the hatstand.
Reparar To repair Nadie puede reparar la pérdida de un ser querido. Nobody can make up for the loss of a loved one.
Repasar To review, revise Repasaré el tema para que no queden dudas. I will review the subject to remove any doubts.
Repetir To repeat ¿me lo puedes repetir? Could you repeat that, please?
Replica To reply, answer back Nos replicó de un modo muy ingenioso. She answered us with a witty remark.
Reporter To bring, carry; to obtain; to report, inform; to denounce, accuse Solo me reportó disgustos. It brought me nothing but troubles.
Requerir To require, need; to summon Esta planta requiere muchos cuidados. This plant needs a lot of care.
Reservar To reserve Nos reservaba una sorpresa. He/she had a surpise in store for us.
Resolver To resolve, clear up Tiene resuelto su futuro. His future is sorted out.
Respetar To respect Se hizo respetar por todos. He gained everyones respect.
Respirar To breathe Respire hondo. Take a deep breath.
Responder To reply Respondió con una evasiva. He/she responded with an evasive reply.
Resultar To turn out to be, prove to be Resulta más barato así. It works out to be cheapest this way.
Reveler To reveal, disclose Eso revela que no tiene interés. That shows that he is not interested.
Rezar To pray Reza por que todo salga bien. Pray that everything turns out alright.
Robar To steal Le robó dinero a su jefe. He stole some money from his boss.
Rogar To beg Te lo ruego... I beg you...
Romper To break Rompió el contrato en pedazos. He tore the contract into pieces.
Saber To know No sabe lo que dice. He doesn't know whe he's talking about.
Sacar To take out, draw out, extract Sácalo aquí al sol. Bring it out here into the sun.
Sacrificar To sacrifice He de sacrificar mis estudios a causa del trabajo. I've got to give up my studies because of my work.
Sacudir To shake, beat, flap Sacudió la arena de la toalla. He shook the sand out of the towel.
Salir To leave ¿a qué hora sale el tren? What time does the train leave?
Saltar To jump, jump over, leave out Saltaba de una idea a otra. She kept jumping from one idea to the next.
Saludar To salute Saluda a tu hermano de mi parte. Give my regards to your brother.
Salvar To save, rescue, except No salvaron nada de la tormenta. They didn't save anything from the storm.
Satisfacer To satisfy Su respuesta no me satisfacer. Your reply does not satisfy me.
Satisfacerse To be satisfied
Satirizer To satirize
Secar To dry, wipe El sol secó la pintura. The sun dried the paint.
Secarse To dry off Se me seca mucho la piel. My skin gets very dry.
Seguir To follow Siga esta carretera hasta llegar al puente. Follow this road up to the bridge.
Sentar To sit Ese vestido le sienta de maravilla. That dress really suits her.
Sentarse To sit down Nos sentaron en la mesa del fondo. We sat at the back table.
Sentir To feel, regret Sentimos una gran alegría. We are overjoyed.
Sentirse To feel, regret No me siento con ánimos. I don't feel up to it.
Señalar To point out, indicate, signal, note Me señaló con el dedo. He pointed at me.
Server To serve Ya no me sirve. It's of no use to me anymore.
Significar To mean ¿qué significa sextante? What does "sextante" mean?
Simbolizar To symbolize, represent La calavera simboliza la muerte. The skull is a symbol of death.
Situar To place, put Con esta victoria se sitúan en primer lugar. This victory puts them in first place.
Sobrevivir To survive
Soler To be accustomed to Suele venir una vez a la semana. She usually comes once a week.
Sonar To sound, ring El despertador sonó a las cinco. The alarm went off at five o'clock.
Sonar To dream Soñé que vivía en una isla desierta. I dreamt that I was living on a desert island.
Sonreír To smile Le sonreía. She was smiling at him.
Soportar To support, hold up, bear tolerate No soporto este calor/la gente así. I can't stand this heat/people like that.
Sorprender To surprise Me sorprende que no lo sepas. I'm surprised you don't know.
Subir To go, climb up; to get on (plane) Hay que subir a pie. You have to walk up on foot.
Suceder To happen; succeed, follow Le expliqué lo sucedido. I explained to him what happened.
Sufrir To suffer Sufre lesiones de gravedad. He has serious injuries.
Sugerir To suggest Me sugirió que lo probara. He suggested that I try it.
Suponer To suppose Suponiendo que todo salga bien. Let's assume everything goes well.
Surgir To arise, come up Surgió un imprevisto. Something came up.
Suspirar To sigh; to yearn for Suspira por ella. He's madly in love with her.
Sustituir To replace, substitute Sustituyeron el azúcar por miel. They replaced the sugar with honey.
Tañer To strum; to toll, peal
Tapar To cover, put a lid on Tapó el agujero con cemento. They filled the hole with cement.
Tardar To delay, take a long time to do something Tardó un mes en contestar. It took a month for him to reply.
Temer To fear Temo ofenderlo. I'm afraid of offending him.
Terminar To end Terminé muy cansada. I ended up feeling very tired.
Tirar To throw Tiró la pelota al aire. He threw the ball in the air.
Tocar To touch, play instrument La planta ya toca el techo. The plant is already touching the cieling.
Tomar To take, drink La tomé de la mano. I took her by the hand.
Torcer To twist, bend Me torció el brazo. She twisted my arm.
Toser To cough
Trabajar To work ¿en qué trabajas? What do you do for a living?
Traducer To translate
Traer To bring ¿qué te trae por aquí? What bring you here?
Tragar To swallow, choke down, put up with No lo trago. I can't stand him.
Tartar To try; to treat, handle En mi trabajo trato con gente de todo tipo. At my job I deal with all kinds of people.
Triunfar To succeed, be triumphant Triunfó en el concurso. She won the competition.
Tropezar To stumble Tropezó con la caja. He/she tripped over the box.
Ubicar To locate, place, to be located, situated Me ubicaron a su lado. They put me at his side.
Unir To unite, join Se unió a nuestra causa. He joined our cause.
Untar To smear, rub Se unta el molde con mantequilla. Spread butter on the cake pan.
Usar To use ¿qué champú usas? What shampoo do you use?
Utilizer To use, utilize
Vaciar To empty, evacuate Vaciamos la piscina. We emptied the pool.
Valer To be worth ¿cuánto valen? How much are they/how much do they cost?
Variar To vary Las temperaturas varían entre 20°C y 25°C. Temperature vary between 20 and 25 C.
Vencer To overcome, conquer Me venció el sueño. I was overcome by sleep.
Vender To sell Le vendí el reloj. I sold him the watch.
Venir To come La vinó a buscar su madre. Her mother came to pick her up.
Ver To view No se ve nada aquí. You can't see anything here.
Verificar To verify
Vestir To dress, clothe Vestía un traje gris. He was wearing a gray suit.
Vestirse To dress oneself Se viste a la última moda. He/she wears the latest styles.
Viajar To travel Odia viajar. He/she hates to travel.
Violar To violate, rape
Visitor To visit
Vivir To live El sueldo no le alcanza para vivir. His salary is not enough for him to live on.
Volar To fly ¡cómo vuela el tiempo How time flies
Volver To return Mañana volvemos a clases. Tomorrow we return to classes.
Vomitar To vomit Tengo ganas de vomitar. I think I'm going to be sick.
Votar To vote Votó al partido X. He voted for party X.
Yacer To lie (down) Aquí yacen sus restos. Here lies his remains.
Zambullirse To dive, plunge into
Arder To burn, be boiling La cosa está que arde. Things have reached/are reaching a boiling point.
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