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Addition and Subtraction word problems

Sara received 256 valentine cards from her friends. Lauren received 163 valentine cards. How many more valentine cards did Sara receive than Lauren? Sara received 93 more cards than Lauren.
Tammy planted 16 roses, 25 tulips, 33 daises, and 54 buttercups in her garden. How many plants did she plant in all? Tammy planted 128 flowers in her garden.
There were 500 Snickers and 314 Three Musketeers in Tom's bag of candy. How many more Snickers were there than Three Musketeers? There were 186 more Snickers than Three Musketeers.
Jenny has a box of shapes. If she has a total of 285 shapes and 192 are squares, how many shapes are trapezoids? 93 shapes are trapezoids
Tim's dog buried 206 bones last year. Over the weekend he dug up 43 of those bones. How many bones are still buried? 163 bones are still burred
Shelly's grandmother loves balloons. She gave her 22 red ones, 57 blue ones, and 94 purple ones. How many balloons did Shelly give her grandmother? 173 balloons
There are 453 students eating lunch in the lunch room. 272 are drinking milk. How many students are not drinking milk? 181 students are not drinking milk
356 students went on a field trip on Monday. 389 students went on a field trip on Friday. How many students went on a field trip on both days? 745 students went on a field trip on both days
The children in Mrs. Tison's class read 406 books while those in Mrs. Bludworth's class read 295 books. How many more books did Mrs. Tison's class read than Mrs. Bludworth's class? Mrs. Tison's children read 111 more books than Mrs. Bludworth's children.
Zack completed 167 math problems while Tommy completed 289 problems. How many math problems did both boys complete? The boys completed a total of 456 math problems.
The children brought 542 pencils at the beginning of the school year. They brought another 367 pencils after Christmas. How many pencils did the children bring throughout the school year? 909 pencils
Samantha collected 98 shells at the beach on her trip. Her sister collected 25 more shells than Samantha. How many shells did her sister collect? Samantha's sister collected a total of 123 shells. 98+25=123
57 cases of water fell off a truck that was driving too fast. 28 of those cases of water broke open on the road. How many cases of water did not break open? 29 cases of water did not break open.
The clown was holding 260 balloons in his hand. 59 of those balloons flew away because of a strong wind. How many balloons was the clown able to keep in his hand? 201 balloons remained in the clown's hand.
My mother gave me $600. I bought a PlayStation for $396. How much money did I have left? I had $204 left after buying the PlayStation.
John bought 167 flowers on Wednesday. On Friday he bought 133 more flowers than on Wednesday. How many flowers did he buy on Friday? John bought 300 flowers on Friday. 167+133=300
Created by: mbludworth