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ECO Topic 3 Pt 2

ECO Topic 3 Vocabulary Pt 2 Pearson 2016

fixed cost a cost that does not change, no matter how much of a good is produced
variable costs a cost that rises or falls depending on the quantity produced
total cost the sum of fixed costs plus variable costs
marginal cost the cost of producing one more unit of a good
operating cost the cost of operating a facility, such as a factory or a store
average cost total cost divided by the quantity produced
subsidy a government payment that supports a business or market
excise tax a tax on the production or sale of a good
regulation government intervention in a market that affects the production of a good
equilibrium the point at which the demand for a product or service is equal to the supply of that product or service
disequilibrium any price or quantity not at equilibrium; when quantity supplied is not equal to quantity demanded in a market
shortage a situation in which consumers want more of a good or service than producers are willing to make available at a particular price
surplus when quantity supplied is more than quantity demanded
price ceiling a maximum price that can legally be charged for a good or service
rent control a price ceiling placed on apartment rent
price floor a minimum price for a good or service
minimum wage a minimum price that an employer can pay a worker for an hour of labor
inventory the quantity of goods that a firm has on hand
search cost the financial and opportunity costs that consumers pay when searching for a good or service
supply shock a sudden shortage of a good
rationing a system of allocating scarce goods and services using criteria other than price
black market a market in which goods are sold illegally, without regard for government controls on price or quantity
barter the direct exchange of one set of goods or services for another
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