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Real Estate C1

Chapter 1: Property

How many cubic feet of space is there in a warehouse that is 610 feet wide by 140 feet deep and has an 18 foot ceiling? 85,400 1,537,200 35 2,520
You have a prospective purchaser for a home and the listing agent has not been able to provide you with a legal description. Which statement describes your best course o action? Complain to the Real Estate Commission Write an offer without a legal description Find the legal description yourself at the courthouse or on the coumputer Contact the seller yourself
If the only land description you have provided on your offer is the street address: this could be sufficient if there is no other street by the same name. this contract is probably unenforceable. this amounts to a contingency that must be resolved. the contract may be legal but is unprofessional.
A metes and bounds description must have all of the following EXCEPT: A definite point of beginning. the name of the county and state. the approximate square footage or acreage. compass directions and distances from one point to the next.
A metes and bounds description might be if: I. it does not have enough sides to close. II. it is irregular in shape. Only I is true. Only II is true. Both I and II are true. Neither I nor Ii is true.
All of the items are personal property EXCEPT: trade fixtures a privacy fence patio furniture portable dishwasher
A seller wishes to remove certain shrubs planted in the front yard and not include them in the sales price of the home. The shrubs must be left and included in the sales price of the home. The shrubs can be removed unless they are valuable If the seller planted the shrubs, they can be removed. The seller may do so only if permission for the removal is specifically stated in the sales contract.
If a man has 6 acres of land and deeds 3/4 of it to a son and the remainder to a nephew, how many square feet of land does the nephew acquire? 261,360 196,020 65,340 43,560
Created by: dmobley
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