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Statistics intersess


What do you call the numerical value that seperates the bottom 25% from the top 75% in a sample? First quartile
When building class boundaries first divide range by number of classes then =16then cwis 17. Begin w first value add 17 so on
When copying answers over to bar always check again
Z score is x minus mean divided by standard deviation
Assume binomial probability distribution, write the TI command that we can use to find P(x<a) binomcdf(n, p, a)
Assume standard normal probability distribution find P(z=2.5) P(z=2.5)= 0. The only time a single point will have value is for binomialpdf
Name the TI command that we can use to find Pk when working with standard normal probability distribution invnorm(k, µ, σ)
If P(A)=0.6, what are the odds in favor of even A to occur? .6/.4 leave in fraction form 3/2
P(A or B) P(A) + P(B) – P(A and B)
When you are given .2% what should you do? TAKE HEED and move decimal to the left twice
The probability that there will be at least 45 convictions 1- binomcdf(n,p,x) or 1-binomcdf(50, .8,44) x follows "at least"
Estimate the probability that ther will be at most 35 convictions Do not subtract 1 from 35, just leave it and add .5
Odds must be written as… a fraction
When finding probability on a tree don’t forget to multiply every branch
If you are given a decimal percentage DO NOT FORGET to move the decimal to the left
When drawing venn diagrams make certain that the total n is contained in rectangle, including values not in circle
There is a big difference between binomcdf and binompdf make certain to write correct calculator function
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