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SAT Vocab

Lesson 4

Aesthetic  relating or pertaining to a sense of beauty or art He is considered to have aesthetic tastes because he loves beauty and the arts.
Aloof apart, indifferent Al remained aloof, separating himself from the rest of the party guests.
Archaic antiquited, old, out of use Words such as "thou", which are no longer part of normal vocabulary, are archaic.
Assuage to ease, to mitigate, to make less painful or burdensome, to calm Your kind words should assuage her suffering. The medicine should assuage his pain.
Belie to contradict, to give false impression Her mean words seemed to belie all the wonderful things I heard about her.
Contentious quarrelsome, stirring controversy Giles Corey was considered contentious by his Salem neighbors because he enjoyed quarreling.
Daunt to intimidate, to dismay I am not daunted by your threats.
Debilitate to weaken, to enfeeble I was debilitated by my bout with pneumonia.
Discord lack of agreement, tension, strife There was a lot of discord in my family when my 16 year old sister said she was pregnant and getting married.
Dissemination the act of spreading widely; scattering Today, the dissemination of information comes primarily through the internet.
Dogmatic strongly opinionated in an unwarranted manner Religious fundamentalists can be dogmatic in their beliefs.
Duplicity double-dealing, hypocrisy His duplicity was exposed when the girl he was seeing discovered he was married.
Egocentric self-centered, selfish Egocentric people rarely show any concern for others.
Euphemism substitution of an inoffensive term for one that is offensive People like using the euphemism "passed away" instead of the harsher term "died."
Gluttonous greedy for food and drink I am so gluttonous that I would have trouble dieting.
Mundane ordinary, commonplace After I take care of these mundane matters, we can do something exciting.
Ominous threatening The ominous clouds were harbingers of the tornado.
Petulance unreasonable touchiness or irritability Petulance is the trait exhibited by children who don't get what they want.
Pompous exaggerated show of dignity or self-importance, bombastic The pompous teacher enjoyed telling his class how many awards he won, and how great a teacher he was.
Precocious exceptionally early in development or occurence He was such a precocious child because he could read, write, walk, and talk at age 2.
Slothful lazy, indolent My daughter is so slothful because she prefers to lie in bed all day.
Trivia  insignificant matters The teacher is looking for substance, not trivia, in the students' essays.
Verbose wordy, very talkative That professor is so verbose, it takes him an hour to explain concepts that should take 15 minutes.
Virulent extremely poisonous; hateful The doctor prescribed a lot of medication to arrest the virulent infection.
Volatile quickly changeable, easily vaporized Because of his volatile temper, one must use caution in dealing with him.
Created by: Mr. Battaglini