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Ma Real Estate D-2

Terms & Definitions D-2

Devise Transfer of property by means of a will. The owner (deviser) transfers to the recipient (devisee).
Devisee The person who receives the benefits of a will.
Devisor The person whose property is distributed under the terms of the will.
Direct Reduction Mortgage A mortgage where the monthly payment remains the same. The amount that goes towards interest decreases, and the amount that goes towards principal increases over the life of the mortgage.
Disclosed Dual Agent An agent of both parties to a transaction, who represents each one and has informed each of this relationship.
Disclosure One of the duties of agency (also known as duty of notice) that requires an agent to keep his or her principal informed of any matter, that is in the principal’s interest.
Disclosure Statement Notification from a lender to a borrower of financing terms, and charges of a loan. Required by the Federal Truth-In-Lending Law.
Discount Point An amount of money paid, up front, to reduce the rate on a loan.
Divisee The recipient of real property by means of a will.
Divisor The donor of real property by means of a will.
Dockominium Condominium concept applied to boat docks.
Dominant Estate An estate that derives benefit from another estate (Servient Estate) as in an easement.
Dower The right of the wife to share of her husband's estate, at the time of his death. (In Mass dower rights are one-third of the husband's estate at the time of death).
Dual Agency Agency where the real estate broker, or salesperson represents both the buyer and the seller. The law requires this dual agency to include informed consent, and to be in writing.
Dual Agent An agent of both parties to a transaction, who represents each one.
Due-On-Sale Clause Mortgage clause that requires the mortgage balance to be paid in full, when property is sold.
Duress Force applied to make someone act against his or her will.
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