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Chemistry Midterm

What is the function of a Buret? Used in titrations
What is the function of a condenser? Used in distillation
What is a precipitation? Solid
What is the basic unit of mass in the SI system? Kilogram
What is the correct symbol for a kilometer in length? km
What is the common name assigned to a volume equal to a cubic centimeter? milliliter
What is the mass of one cubic centimeter of water at 4 degrees celsius? 1 gram
A mixture that is uniform is a(n)? homogenous solution
The law of conservation was applied to which lab? Distillation Lab
What is an extensive property? Do not measure
What is the physical property that describes the ration of the mass of an object to its volume? Density (mass/volume)
What is a substance that contains two elements in a chemical combination called? Compound
What type of property would the color of a substance be? Extensive
Endothermic reactions are defined as those reactions that... Absorb Energy
What is a variety of matter that is not uniform? Heterogenous
What is energy of motion called? Kinetic Energy
What form of energy is chemical energy? Potential Energy
What is the lowest theoretical temperature that serves as the zero point for the temperature scale called? Kelvin
What is a measurement of a unit of energy called in the SI system called? Calorie
In what type of reaction do the products of the reaction always contain more potential energy than the reactants? Endothermic
The energy (endo.) at which a substance in the liquid state freezes is the same as the energy (exo.) at which the same substance... Melts
What is the name of the value that is equal to 1 cal/gram Celsius for water ONLY? Specific Heat
What type of reaction is the following? Nickel + Hydrochloric Acid _______ Replacement
What type of reaction is the following? Sodium Hydroxide + Sulfuric Acid ________ Ionic
What type of reaction is the following? Hydrogen + Oxygen _______ Composition
Silver nitrate and copper produce copper nitrate and what other element? Silver
How much volume does one mole of any gas occupy? 22.4L
What do Calcium and Nitric Acid produce? Calcium Nitrate and Hydrogen
What is the gram formula weight of any element equal to? (Volume) 22.4L
From which of these Elements (carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, fluorine,) do the electrons entering the p orbital first pair up? Carbon
How many orbitals are in the second shell? 2
How many valance electrons are in the outer shell of the Noble Gasses, accounting for their stability? 8
If an element has 16 electrons, how many would fit in the second shell? 8
What is a major factor responsible for the chemical properties of an element? Isotopic Number
Which shell can fit no more than two electrons? First
What are electrons in the outer shell called? Valence Electrons
How many valence electrons are do the elements in the 7th column to the left of the Noble Gasses have? 2
What substance has the highest level of potential energy? Activated Complex
What kind of reaction has the highest energy of products? Endothermic
What is the shape of an S orbital? Sphere
What is the closest shape of a P orbital? Dumbbell (peanut)
What determines the number of electrons? Atomic Number
In which lab did we find the amount of energy needed to melt ice? Calorimetry
What is the process of producing soap called? Saponification
What is the process of producing light called? Chemiluminescence
What was the lab called in which the unknown were identified by color, precipitations, and gases? Qualitative Analysis
What do the total positive and negative charges in a formula add up to? Zero
In the following equation, what is/are the reactant(s)? 2 H2 +O2 __________ 2 H2O Hydrogen and Oxygen
The balancing of a chemical equation is accomplished by.... Changing the coefficients next to the formulas
How would the following equation be described? H2 + Cl2 ------ 2 HCl + enegy Exothermic
How would the following reaction be classified? Ca + MgSO4 ---- CaSo4 + Mg Replacement
How would the following reaction be classified? CaO + H2O ------ Ca(OH)2 Ionic
What is the gram-formula weight of an element equal to? (Mass) the atomic mass of an element, and one mole of the element
The mass of one mole of any substance is... Equal to 6 X 10^23 molecules
If HCl is hydrochloric acid, what is the name given to HF? Hydrofluoric acid
What change is represented by the following equation? H2O(s) ------ H2O(l) The melting of ice (solid --> liquid)
Chemical formulas indicate the elements present in the compound and... Relative number of atoms of each element in the compound
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