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SAT Vocab

Lesson 3

Abstruse difficult to understand, recondite, concealed Some of Einstein's concepts were so abstruse that many physicists couldn't understand them.
Affable friendly, courteous, amiable Al was very affable; he said "Hi" to everyone.
Audacity excessive boldness, rashness, daring Audrey had the audacity to tell the teacher he was wrong.
Contrite extremely apologetic, remorseful, repentant Connie was very contrite about breaking her mother's favorite vase.
Credulous believing on slight evidence, gullible Because his horoscope said to stay inside, the credulous boy skipped school.
Depravity moral corruption, a wicked or perverse act When he starting smoking and drinking everyday, that's when people started talking about his depravity.
Deprecate to disapprove regretfully, to belittle, to express mild disapproval Do not deprecate her actions, unless you fully understand her situation.
Didactic instructive, designed to teach Because of the coach's didactic approach, his players learned many blocking techniques.
Dormant inactive, sleeping Most bears remain dormant during the winter months and wake in the spring.
Enigmatic mysterious, inexplicable, puzzling The disappearance of Amelia Earhart is an enigma to this day.
Erudite scholarly The erudite physics professor had spent many years studying the theory of relativity.
Exotic foreign, unfamiliar The circus features exotic animals from Africa and Asia.
Fuse to mix or to join (usually by melting) Zinc and copper can be fused into hard, bright brass.
Immutable unchanging Her love for her husband, even after 30 year, was immutable.
Incorrigible incapable of being reformed or improved His constant fighting with other students caused his teachers to call him incorrigible.
Loathe to detest That fact that I loathe your brother does not mean that we can't be friends.
Mitigate to cause to become less harsh or hostile; to make less severe He apologized in order to mitigate her dislike for him.
Nullify to cause not to be in effect, to negate I am seeking to nullify the contract because he has not complied with it.
Pacifistic opposed to war or use of force The wan refused to fight because of his pacifistic beliefs.
Pretentious making an extravagant outward show, self-important Isn't it a little pretentious to spend two million dollars on a wedding?
Prologue introductory remarks in a speech, play, or literary work, introductory action The play had a prologue that set the scene for the opening act.
Recant to withdraw or repudiate a statement or belief, revoke The prosecutor's case was greatly weakened when the witness recanted his testimony.
Servile overly submissive Slaves had to act servile to avoid being whipped.
Trepidation fear, trembling, agitation Since I didn't have time to study, I have a lot of trepidation about this final.
Vilify to malign, to defame, to utter abusive statements against It is not right to vilify someone just because they don't agree with you.
Created by: Mr. Battaglini



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