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Chemistry Ch. 1

Atoms combine to form? molecules
Scientific laws describes... HOW nature behaves
A scientific law can be proven... over and over
A good hypothesis is ____meaning it makes predictions that can be confirmed or refuted by further explanations. falsifiable
The Law of Conservation of Mass states: matter is neither created or destroyed
We call a specific instance of matter a ___ substance
What are the characteristics of a solid? fixed volume, tightly packed and rigid shape
A pure substance is either an ___ or ___ element or compound
A mixture is 2 or more substances that are not chemically combined
An element is a substance that cannot be broken down into anything simpler
What is a compound? 2 or more chemically combined elements
When the mixture looks the same throughout, this is called a ____ homogeneous mixture
A heterogeneous mixture is a mixture that____ looks different throughout (you can see the different particles)
What is decanting? separating a solid from a liquid by carefully pouring off liquid
Volatile means ____ easy vaporizable
Matter can be broken down into what 2 categories? A pure substance and mixture
A mixture can be ____ or _____ homogeneous / hertergoneous
A property that changes when the size of the sample changes is a ____. extensive property
Examples of an extensive property are: mass, volume and length
An intensive property: doesn't change when you take away some of the sample
Temperature, color, hardness, melting point, and density are examples of an ___ property intensive property
Pouring a mixture through a filter paper to separate the solid from the liquid is called___ fifltration
Distillation is a process where ___ liquids are boiled offf
Unit for length: meter (m)
Unit for mass: kilogram (kg)
Unit for time: second
Unit for amount of subtsance: mole (mol)
With a physical change, the ___ changes, the substance does not appearance
In a chemical change, the ____ change substance
How close a particular measurement is to the correct value is the ____ accuracy
Precision is: the consistency of repeated measurement
The more consistent the results, the more ____ the measurement is precise
Numbers are not significant when: 1. they are leading zeros 2. zeros at the end of a number doesn't have a decimal point
The more digits, the __ certainty more
The less digits, the __ certainty less
Numbers that have NO certainty are called: exact numbers
An error that tends to be too high or too low are called: systematic errors
given unit x desired unit/given unit = desired unit
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