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Stats Ch. 1 Vocab

Statistics is: the study of data and variations in the data
Descriptive statistics are statistics that are____ more exact
With inferential statistics, we _____ infer what's going to happen with population based on the sample
The population is the ____ complete collection of objects or individuals that we are studying
What is a sample? the subset of a population
____ are data values that represent the entire population. parameters
____ are values calculated from a sample. statistics
_____ sample is used when it is difficult or impossible to draw a a random sample. convenience
With the ________, you have an equal chance to being selected. This sample is analogous to winning the lottery. simple random sample
___ sample is when the population is first divided into sub-populations, then a simple random sample is drawn from each sub-population. stratified
___ sample is a method where we randomly select entire groups. cluster
____ sample is where we select a starting point randomly and then select individuals in evenly spaced intervals, every 3rd or 5th one. systematic
We obtain this sample by asking people to give a response. voluntary response
This type of variable is numerical and how much or how many of something there is. quantitative
What are the 2 types of quantitative variables? discrete & continuous
This type of variable divides individuals into categories. qualitative aka categorical
This type of quantitative variable are values that can be listed and will fall on a point on a number line. discrete
This type of variable has an infinite number of possible values and can be averaged. continuous
What are the 3 types of qualitative variables? ordinal, nominal and identifier
These variables have a natural sense of order, they can be numerical or verbal. ordinal
These variables do not have a natural order. nominal
____ bias is when the response is left up to the individual. voluntary
When the person conducting a study has an interest in the outcome is called _____ bias. self-interest
___ is when the individual may not respond truthfully because they feel that their answer may not be acceptable or the person asking may judge them, social acceptability
The ____ variable has a unique value assigned to each individual. identifier
Questions that are worded to be leading or confusing are called ____ bias. leading question
If we don't have enough responses to be valid, this is called ___ bias. nonresponse
___ bias is when a sub-population is not included in the study. (mistake in sample has been made) sampling
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