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Dave Ramsey Savings

Baby Step 1 is _______ in an emergency fund. If you make under $20,000 a year, put _________ in an emergency fund. $1,000; $500
_____________ must become a priority. Always pay _____ first. Saving; Yourself
The United States has a ___________ savings rate. negative (-0.6%)
Saving money is about ____________ and ____________. emotion; conentment
Money is ________________. amoral
You should save money for three basic reasons: 1) Emergencies 2) Purchases 3) Wealth Building
______________ are going to happen. Count on it. Emergencies
Baby Step 1, a beginner emergency fund, is __________ in the bank (or $500 if your household income is below $20,000 per year). $1000
A great place to keep your emergency fund is in a ________ account from a mutual fund company. money market
Your emergency fund is not an ___________, it is insurance. investment
Do not ________ this for purchases. touch
The emergency fund is your ____________ savings priority. Do it quickly! first
The second thing you save money for is _____________. purchases
Instead of ____________ to purchase, pay cash by using a _________ approach. borrowing; sinking fund
The third thing you save money for is ______________. wealth building
_______________ is a key ingredient when it comes to wealth building. Discipline
Building wealth is a _____________, not a sprint. marathon
Pre-________________ _______________(PACs) withdrawals are a good way to build in discipline. authorized checking
____________ ____________ is a mathematical explosion. You must start _______. Compound interest; now
Rate of Return, or _________________ rate, is important. interest
Equation for compound interest FV=PV(1+r/m)^mt
_____ of consumers live paycheck to paycheck. 70%
The United States has a _____ savings rate. -.6%
Only ______ of Americans save regularly. 41%
____ of American households live on less than _____ a year. Half; $46,326
_____ of workers who make over $100,000 live paycheck to paycheck. 19%
____ of teens agree “it’s important to me to have a lot of money in my life.” 81%
Only ___ of teens say they know how to invest money to make it grow. 22%
____ of teens have some money saved, with an average of _____ 84%; $1,044.
____ teens agree that since they are young, saving money isn’t that important. 1 in 4 (24%)
Created by: OcelotKnight
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