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2015-2016 Sem 2 Hist

Unit 4 Expansion and Reform

sectional related to the interests of a region
revolt a rebellion
authorities persons in command of something
doctrine a statement of a certain government policy
proclamation an official public announcement
qualified fit for a given purpose
execute to put to death
joint declaration to declare something as a group
domestic related to one's own country
agricultural having to do with raising crops or animals for food or profit
campaign a group of activities connected to getting elected to office
nominate to choose someone to do something such as run for office
oppression unfair or cruel actions by one group against another group with less power
veto the power given to the president to turn down a bill
issue a topic of discussion or debate
dictator a person ruling a country with total control
depression a period of financial difficulties experienced by an entire country
rural relating to places well outside of cities
mass produce to make great amounts of products very fast
turnpike a road that travelers pay to use
commerce having to do with buying or selling goods
transatlantic crossing the Atlantic Ocean
melting pot a nation where several groups of people belonging to different races or cultures live together
standards guidelines that a person or group must follow
slogan a word or phrase used to explain a stand or goal
manifest destiny a belief something is meant to happen especially that America would own land from coast to coast
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