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RE Exam Cheat Sheet

Real Estate Exam Things to Remember

Exclusive right to sell listing In this agreement, the agent gets paid no matter who sells the property, regardless of whether it's the agent or the seller.
Exclusive agency listing Agents get paid in this type of agreement only if they sell the property. No fee is earned if the owner alone sells the property.
Open listing In this type of agreement, sellers have the right to use as many brokers as they want. The seller is not, however, obligated to pay any of them if he or she sells the property without the broker's help.
Net listing This type of agreement may be illegal in your state. The agent gets to keep everything he can get that's more than the sale price the owner wants.
Condominium the owner actually owns real estate. This ownership is usually the air space and an interest as a tenant in common of the land.
Cooperative the owner owns shares in a corporation that owns a building. The shareholder also gets a proprietary lease, which enables the shareholder to occupy a unit.
Foreclosure the loss of property to pay off a debt.
Forfeiture losing the property because of disobeying a condition in the deed.
Grantor gives, sells, or transfers the property to the grantee.
Grantee receives the property.
Leasehold the tenant's interest in the property. The tenant holds the lease.
Leased fee the owner or landlord's interest.
Mortgagor the borrower.
Mortgagee owes the lender.
Replacement cost These terms are associated with the cost approach to valuing a property. Replacement cost is the cost to produce a structure that is essentially the same as the existing structure but using modern materials and standards.
Reproduction cast an estimate of the cost to produce exactly the same structure with the same materials.
Tax credit subtracted from taxes due.
Tax deduction subtracted from income.
Tenancy in severalty Although it may sound like more, this type of ownership is by one person or a corporation, and not being married has nothing to do with it.
Tenancy in common Equal or unequal undivided ownership between two or more people is what characterizes this type of ownership. If an owner dies, the deceased person's share is conveyed to his or her heirs, not the other owners.
Tenancy by the entirety Available only to married couples. This means that property may not be sold without the agreement of both parties. The right of survivorship exists to the extent that if one spouse dies, his/her interest reverts to the other spouse.
Dedication give up property voluntarily to the government. An example is a developer giving up streets in a subdivision.
Public grant the government actually is giving property to private individuals.
Adverse possession When someone uses your property, you may end up losing the property or having your rights to the property restricted.
Avulsion the sudden loss of land by an act of nature like a landslide.
Erosion the gradual loss of land by an act of nature, like property lost along the bank of a river.
Partition a legal proceeding to divide property owned by two or more people.
When do real estate agents earn their fees? When the broker produces a ready, willing and able buyer.
1866 Civil Rights Act Protects against racial discrimination.
1968 Federal Fair Housing Act Protects race, color, religion, and national origin.
1974 Housing and Community Development Act Protects against sex or gender bias.
1988 Fair Housing Amendments Act Protects the handicapped and familial status.
Fee Simple Ownership with the greatest bundle of rights - the owner has all available rights to the property and can always pass it to his heirs
Fee Simple Estate Absolute ownership with all the rights associated with ownership of real property
Life Estate Ownership for the duration of one's life - cannot be willed to heirs; The three parties are the Grantor, Grantee and Remainder man.
Life Estate With Reversion Set up so that at the end the property goes back to the original owner
Conventional Life Estate A freehold estate limited in duration to the life of the grantee. the grantee enjoys just as fee. they pay taxes, maintenance
Community Property All property acquired by a husband and wife after marriage unless it is acquired by gift, will or inheritance.
Homestead The residence property of a landowner; protected from forced sale by general creditors.
Estate For Years A leasehold with a specific starting and ending date - it survives death or the sale of the property
Leasehold Estate An interest in real property giving a party possession without ownership
Littoral Rights Stationary body of water
Riparian Rights Flowing body of water
Tenancy In Severalty (to sever) Only one owner
Tenancy In Common or Joint Tenancy The unities that must exist for this type of ownership to exist areL Interest, Possession, Time and Title. If one owner of a joint tenancy dies, that owner’s interest reverts to the other owners. This right of survivorship may vary by state.
Syndicate Two or more parties join together to create and operate a real estate investment
Fixity the time is takes to repay the costs of land, buildings or improvements (investment permanence)
Anti-trust Laws promote competition in an open marketplace
Modification refers to change in property value due to improvements made to nearby parcels
To be eligible for a broker's license, if the business is a corporation, the designated person must be an officer of a corporation
To be eligible for a broker's license, if the business is a limited liability company, the designated person must be a manager of the company
To be eligible for a broker's license, if the business is a partnership, the designated person must be a general partner
The right of ownership is the definition of property
Appurtenance A right, privilege or improvement associated with land but not part of the land
Chattel Real Tangible Property Trade fixtures and emblements (crops)
Chattel Real Intangible Property Mortgages, leases, options and easements
Concurrent ownership co-owners hold title to undivided interest in the property
Property Definition of "rights of ownership"
Feudal A system in which individuals can own land for their lifetime but not pass it on to their heirs
Alloidal A system in which individuals can own land for their lifetime and pass it on to their heirs
Escheat The right of the state to assume ownership of property when an owner dies without a valid will or heirs
Personal property may become real property Attachment, adaption, agreement
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