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unit1 waves and radiation

what is the multiplier for milli x10¬3
what do all waves transfer energy
whats faster light or sound light
what is frequency frequency is the number of complete waves in 1 second
what are the 2 types of waves longitudinal and transverse
name a transverse wave water ,radio ,x rays
name a detector for radiation Geiger muller tube
what is the speed of the electro magnetic spectrum 3x108
what has the longest wavelength- radio infared gamma radio
what is activity activity is the number of nuclie which decay in 1 secound
what is the unit of activity Bq
what is absorbed dose absorbed dose is the amount of radiation absorbed per 1kg of a material
what is the unit of absorbed dose Gy
name 3 precautions taken when handling radiation maintain a safe distance use tongs limit time exposed
name one use of radiation in medicine radiotherapy
what is equivalent dose equivalent dose is the risk of biological harm in the tissue
what is the unit of equivalent dose sv
what is half life half life is the time taken for radio active source to half
what is the unit of half life Bq
what is fission fission is when a nucleus of an atom is split into 2 nuclei's
what is fusion fusion is a chain reaction is when 2 nuclei's join together
what is refraction refraction is when a wave or light ray moves from one medium to another changing speed and direction
what's more dense air or glass glass
what are the colours in the visible spectrum red orange yellow green blue indigo violet
name a detector for microwaves' areal
name a detector for ultraviolet florescent paint
name a detector for infrared blackened thermometer
Created by: aliakbar1