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29 Particles n Waves

When a beam of electrons is directed at a suitably narrow pair of slits, what is observed at a screen behind the double slit? alternating bright and dark regions
Which one of the following experiments demonstrates the wave nature of electrons? Electrons directed through a double slit can produce an interference pattern.
Which one of the following statements best explains what is meant by the “dual nature” of the electron? An electron may act with either particle-like or wave-like characteristics.
What is the name given to the particle-like entities that compose electromagnetic waves? photons
Which of the following expressions gives the energy E of a photon? E = hf
What is the mass of a photon? zero kg
How does the energy of a “red”photon compare with that of a “blue” photon? The energy of the red photon is less than that of the blue one.
How does the energy of light with a shorter wavelength compare with that of light with a longer wavelength? It has more energy.
Which one of the following processes occurs when a charged atomic particle emits radiation? The particle changes from a higher energy state to a lower energy state.
Which one of the following statements concerning electromagnetic radiation is true? All bodies, regardless of their temperature, radiate electromagnetic waves.
Upon which one of the following parameters does the energy of a photon depend? the frequency of the photon
In an ideally dark room, a double-slit experiment is carried out using a source that releases one photon at a time at a slow rate. The observation screen in the experiment is replaced with photographic film which provides a recording of the photons strik
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