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Phrasal Verbs

ask sby out invite on a date
ask around ask many people the same question
add up to sthg equal / All these changes add up to a revolution
back sthg up reverse
back sby up support
blow up explode
blow sthg up add air
break down stop functioning (car, computer, etc) փչանալ
break down get upset
break sthg down divide into smaller parts
break in force entry to a building
break into sthg enter forcibly The robbers broke into the house at midnight.
break up end a relationship
break out escape
bring sby down make unhappy
bring sby up raise a child
bring sthg up start talking about a subject
call around phone many different places/people
call sby back return a phone call
call sthg off cancel
call on sby ask for an answer or opinion
call sby up phone a person
calm down relax after being angry
caught up be held behind with something / I got caught up in traffic so I arrived late.
catch up 1. get to the same point as sby else / The police car was catching up with the over-speeding car. 2. to share past news with sbdy you haven't seen for a while / We hadn't seen each other since school so we caught up.
check in arrive and register at a hotel or airport
check out leave a hotel
check sby/ sthg out look at carefully
check out sby/ sthg look at (informal)
cheer up become happier
cheer sby up make somebody happier
chip in help and contribute
clean sthg up tidy up
come across sthg find unexpectedly
come apart separate
come down with sthg become sick
come forward volunteer for a task or to give evidence
come from somewhere originate in / I come from Dilijan.
count on sby/ sthg rely on
cross sthg out draw a line through
cut back on sthg consume less
cut sthg down make sthg fall to the ground
cut in interrupt
cut in pull in too closely in front of another vehicle
cut sthg off remove with sthg sharp
cut sthg off stop providing
cut sby off take sby out of your life
cut sthg out remove part of sthg (usually with scissors and paper)
do sby/ sthg over beat up
do sthg over do again
do away with sthg discard
dress up wear nice clothing
drop back move back in a position/group
drop in/by/over come without an appointment
drop sby/ sthg off take sby/ sthg somewhere and leave them/it there
drop out quit a class
eat out eat at a restaurant
end up eventually reach/do/decide
fall apart break into pieces
fall down fall to the ground
fall out separate from an interior
figure sthg out understand
fill sthg in to write information in blanks
fill sthg out to write information in blanks
fill sthg up fill to the top
find out discover
find sthg out discover
get sthg across/over communicate
get along/on like each other
get around have mobility
get away go on a vacation
get away with sthg do without being seen or punished
get back return
get sthg back receive sthg you had before
get back at sby retaliate
get back into sthg become interested in sthg again
get on sthg step onto a vehicle
get over sthg recover from an illness / overcome a problem
get over sbdy feel better after somebody makes you unhappy
get round to sthg finally find time to do
get together meet (usually for social reasons)
get up get out of bed
get up stand
give sby away reveal hidden information about sby
give sthg away ruin a secret
give sthg away give sthg to sby for free
give sthg back return a borrowed item
give in reluctantly stop fighting or arguing
give sthg out give to many people (usually at no cost)
give sthg up quit a habit / վերջ տալ
give up stop trying
go after sby follow sby
go after sthg try to achieve sthg
go against sby compete
go ahead start
go back return to a place
go out leave home to go on a social event
go out with sby date
go over sthg review
go over visit sby nearby
go without sthg suffer lack or deprivation
grow apart stop being friends over time
grow back regrow
grow up become an adult
grow out of sthg get too big for
grow into sthg grow big enough to fit
hand sthg down give sthg used to sby else
hand sthg in submit
hand sthg out to distribute to a group of people
hand sthg over give (usually unwillingly)
hang in stay positive (informal)
hang on wait a short time (informal)
hang out spend time relaxing (informal)
hang up end a phone call
hold sby/ sthg back prevent from doing/going
hold sthg back hide an emotion
hold on wait a short time
hold onto sby/ sthg hold firmly using your hands or arms
hold sby/ sthgup rob
keep on doing sthg continue doing
keep sthg from sby not tell / hide sthg
keep sby/ sthg out stop from entering
keep sthg up continue at the same rate
let sby down fail to support or help
let sby in allow to enter
log in (or on) sign in (to a website
log out (or off) sign out (of a website
look after sby/ sthg take care of
look down on sby think less of / consider inferior
look for sby/ sthg try to find
look forward to sthg be excited about the future
look into sthg investigate / ուսումնասիրել
look out be careful
look out for sby/ sthg be especially vigilant for
look sthg over examine / check
look sthg up search and find information
look up to sby have a lot of respect for
make sthg up invent sthg / lie about sthg
make up forgive each other
mix sthg up confuse two or more things
pass away die
pass out faint
pass sthg out distribute to many people
pass sthg up decline (usually sthg good)
pay sby back return owed money
pay for sthg be punished for doing sthg bad
pick sthg out choose
point sby / sthg out indicate with your finger / mention sthg
put sthg down put what you are holding on a surface or floor
put sby down insult / make sby feel stupid / նսեմացնել
put sthg off postpone
put sthg out extinguish (fire)
put sthg together assemble
put up with sby/ sthg tolerate
put sthg on put clothing/ accessories on your body
run into sby/ sthg meet unexpectedly / հանդիպել պատահական
run over sby/ sthg drive a vehicle over a person or thing
run over/through sthg review / rehearse
run away escape / leave unexpectedly
run out have none left
send sthg back return (usually by mail)
set sthg up organize / arrange
set sby up trap / trick sby
shop around compare prices
show off act extra special for people watching (usually boastfully)
sleep over stay somewhere for the night (informal)
sort sthg out resolve a problem / organize
stick to sthg continue doing sthg
switch sthg off turn off
switch sthg on turn on
take after sby resemble a family member
take sthg apart purposely break into pieces
take sthg back return an item
take off start to fly
take sthg off remove sthg (usually clothing)
take sthg out remove from a place or thing
take sby out pay for sby to go somewhere with you
tear sthg up rip into pieces
think back remember (often + to sometimes + on)
think sthg over consider
throw sthg away dispose
turn sthg down decrease the volume or strength
turn sthg down refuse / մերժել առաջարկը
turn sthg off switch off
turn sthg on switch on
turn sthg up increase the volume or strength
turn up appear suddenly
try sthg on sample clothing
try sthg out test
use sthg up finish the supply
wake up stop sleeping
warm sby/ sthg up increase the temperature
warm up prepare body for exercise
wear off fade away
work out exercise
work out be successful
work sthg out make a calculation
sit through stay until the end
fall through fail
look through review
get through pass / finish quickly
pay off have a successful outcome
call off cancel a plan
turn out revealed / become evident / հայտնվել
turn into something վերափոխվել ինչ որ բանի
get sbdy down տխրեցնել
to go round with շփվել
to go with սազել
to go for ընտրել / I'll go for the red dress
to pray for աղոթել
to apply for դիմել
to hope for հուսալ
to talk about խոսել
to laugh about ծիծաղել ինչ որ բանի վրա
to dream about երազել
to argue with վիճել
to revise for կրկնել
to think about մտածել
to worry about անհանգստանալ
to have fun with զվարճանալ
to chat with զրուցել
to make friends ընկերանալ
to join in միանալ, մաս դառնալ
to bond with կապվել միմյանց հետ
to fit in լավ զգալ խմբում
to feel left out իրեն խմբից դուրս մնացած զգալ
to make an effort ջանք թափել
to make a difference տարբերություն լինել
to make money փող աշխատել
to make fun of someone զվարճանալ մեկի վրա
to make trouble անհանգստություն պատճառել
to make sense իմաստ ունենալ
to do some good լավ բան անել
to do one’s best իրենից կախված ամեն ինչ անել
to make a mess խառնաշփոթ անել
to do the right thing ճիշտ բանն անել
to make request խնդրանք անել
to make an offer առաջարկ անել
to make a start սկսել
to make a living ապրուստ վաստակել
to make time ժամանակ գտնել
to make sure համոզվել
to make room տեղ բացել
to make way for ճանապարհ բացել
to come up appear
to think over consider it
to sort out to find a solution
to sleep on to take more time
to come back to return
to make up one’s mind to decide it
to talk it over to discuss
to come up with suggest
to ignore արհամարհել
to go away disappear
to walk out to leave a place in protest or unhappiness
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