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English I Vocab 9&10

Hoxie - Review Lessons 9 and 10

broach verb - to bring up a subject for discussion
convene verb - to assemble formally; to come together officially
debut verb - to make a first public appearance noun - a first public appearance noun - a formal presentation of a young women into society
embark verb - to board a plane or ship OR to start a major effort; to set out on a venture
generate verb - to create; to bring into being
incipient adj - beginning to exist or appear
initiative noun - a beginning of an introductory step; an opening move OR the ability to wish to start something; enterprise; determination
innovation noun - something newly introduced or created
novice noun - a beginner
overture noun - a piece of music intended to introduce a longer work OR an act or offer showing readiness to form a relationship or negotiate
devious adj - meant to trick; not straightforward; shifty or departing from the correct or accepted way or departing from the straight or direct course; roundabout
duplilcity noun - deliberate deception behavior or speech
ficticious adj - false or fake; adopted or assumed in order to deceive OR imaginary; unreal; relating to fiction
guile noun - sly intelligence; craftiness with the intention to deceive
gullible adj - easily deceived or fooled
hypocritical adj - giving a false appearance; saying one thing, but doing another
masquerade verb - to disguise oneself; to put on a false or deceptive appearance noun - a disguise or false appearance; a scheme or charade
overt adj - open and observable; not hidden or secret
reputable adj - having a good reputation; well though of; honorable or trustworthy
veracity noun - truthfulness or accuracy; conformity to fact or truth
Created by: mbeiker
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