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7th Vocabulary 9&10

Hoxie - Review Lessons 9 and 10

aspire verb - to have a great ambition or desire; to strive for
covet verb - to strongly desire something belonging to another OR to long for; to crave
envy noun - a feeling of jealousy verb - to feel jealous
inclination noun - a preference; a tendency to act in a certain way OR a slant or a leaning
persevere verb - to continue trying despite difficulties
reluctant adj - unwilling; not wanting to do something
tantalize verb - to tempt but deny satisfaction
wary adj - watchful and cautious
willful adj - stubbornly determined to do what one wants
wistful adj - full of sad wishing or longing
aesthetic noun - a standard of artistic beauty adj - referring to artistic beauty or the appreciation of good taste
artisan noun - a craftsperson; a skilled manual laborer
audition noun - a tryout; a short performance given to try out for a part in a show
ceramics noun - objects made from clay or other combinations of minerals baked at high temperature
encore noun - an additional performance demanded by an audience immediately after a program
medley noun - a group of excerpts from musical pieces blended into one longer number
mural noun - a large image on a wall or ceiling
ornate adj - heavily and often excessively decorated
palette noun - a thin board on which an artist mixes paint of different colors OR a range of colors used in a painting or by an artist
pantomime noun - acting that uses gestures and facial expressions without speech verb - to express without speaking
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