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8th Vocabulary-9&10

Hoxie - Review Lessons 9 and 10

belated adj - done or sent too late
conception noun - a beginning or formation of an idea OR a general idea or understanding
duration noun - the period or length of time during which something exists or persists
expire verb - to come to an end; to die OR to breath out; to exhale
incessantly adv - constantly; continually, without interruption
medieval adj - referring to the Middle Ages, the period in European history from about 475 to 1450
renaissance noun - The historical European period from about 1400 to 1600, during which classical art, literature, architecture, and learning were revived in Europe OR a rebirth or revival
respite noun - a short time of rest or relief; a break
simultaneous adj - happening, existing, or done at the same time
subsequently adv - later on; at a later time
anarchy noun - a lack of government OR disorder and confusion
authoritarian adj - requiring complete obedience to a single ruler or group
conservative adj - favoring traditional values and institutions; resistant to change; cautious adj - traditional in style; not showy noun - a person favoring traditional values and institustions
delegate noun - a representative chosen to speak or act for others verb - to give our power, responsibility, or tasks
dominion noun - control OR the territory or realm that one controls
impeach verb - to accuse a public official of unacceptable conduct
inaugrate verb - to instal int he office by formal ceremony
liberal adj - favoring social progress, democratic reform and civil liberties adj - tolerant; generous noun - a person who favors social progress, democratic reform, and civil liberties
Spartan adj - self-disciplined OR simple; lacking in comfort
tyrant noun - a ruler who exercises absolute power in a harsh, cruel manner
Created by: mbeiker
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