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Seventeenth Century

Background information for 17th century English literature

1603-1625 Reign of King James I
1625-1649 Reign of King Charles I
1660 Restoration of the monarchy
1572-1631 John Donne’s life
1611 King James Bible written
1608-1674 John Milton’s life
1621 Pilgrims leave England
1667 Paradise Lost
1653-1658 Period of Protectorate
1678 Pilgrim’s Progress
King James Was king of Scotland – known as Jacobeous
Ptolemy Geocentric Universe – Earth centered
Copernicus Proposed Heliocentric universe
Galileo Proved Heliocentric with telescope
Charles I King executed by Parliament
William Laud With this Archbishop, Charles I ran the church
Thomas Wentworth General with whom Charles I tried to rule
Oliver Cromwell He ran England in a “protectorate”
Rump Parliament Part of Parliament that voted to oust the king
Charles II Restored to monarchy
Samuel Johnson Wrote the first dictionary in English
Sir Thomas Egerton John Donne married this man’s niece
Nicholas Ferrar Published George Herbert’s poems
Ben Jonson He was the “father” of the cavalier writers
Sir Thomas Fairfax Marvell tutored this general’s daughter
Robert Herrick His “To the Virgins” defines cavalier
John Milton England’s foremost Puritan writer
Mary Powell John Milton’s wife – he didn’t seem to like her
George Herbert Famous for emblematic images
Andrew Marvell Transitional poet/preacher’s kid
Protectorate Cromwell’s government
Richard Lovelace Cavalier poet from prison
Sir John Suckling Cavalier poet who died penniless
John Bunyan Baptist son of a brick layer
Masques Elaborate plays
Metaphysical Poetry Attempts to explain what cannot be explained
Metaphysical Conceit A long metaphor . . .
Paradox An apparent contradiction that yields a valuable perception
Cavalier Poetry Sex, drugs, and rock and roll
Emblematic Images Verbal pictures/figures with a long history of moral/religious meaning
Carpe Diem Seize the day
Tempus Fugit Time Flies
Ubi Sunt A feeling of forlornness on the recollection of past glory
Epic A long narrative poem in elevated style
Allegory A story with a meaning beneath the surface meaning
St. Paul’s Cathedral Donne’s church -- largest in England
Holy Sonnets 4, 6, 10 Donne
“A Valediction Forbidding Mourning” Donne
Meditation 17 Donne
“Song” Donne
The Temple Herbert
“Easter Wings” Herbert
“Virtue” Herbert
“The Pulley Herbert
“On My First Son” Jonson
“Song, To Celia” Jonson
“On My First Daughter” Jonson
“To the Virgins, To Make Much of Time” Herrick
“To Lucasta, On Going to the Wars” Lovelace
“To Althea, From Prison” Lovelace
“Why So Pale and Wan” Suckling
“The Constant Lover” Suckling
“To His Coy Mistress” Marvell
“The Garden” Marvell
“On His Having Arrived at the Age of Twenty-Three” Milton
“On His Blindness” Milton
Paradise Lost Milton
Paradise Regained Milton
Pilgrim’s Progress Bunyan
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