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Waves or particles

physics questions to confuse you

Who was the first scientist to think of light as both a wave and a particle? What was the date when he discovered this? Louis de Broglie 1923
What was the value of Planck's constant? 6.63 x 10-34 (standard form)
What is the purpose of a black body? A black body is designed as the best example of an absorber of radiation and radiates wavelengths
What is the equation for the radiation flux? F=P/A
What did Einstein do which Planck couldn't quantised radiation
Which experiment explains the photoelectric effect? The gold leaf electroscope
What is the other name for wave and particle duality? Wavicle
What is Einstein's photoelectric equation? hf=work+1/2mv(squared)
What equipment is used to separate wavelengths in a beam of radiation? spectrometer
What did Foucault find out from his experiment? He showed that light travels more slowly through water than in air
Created by: PeterK