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tejer to weave
cocear to kick (animal)
endulzar to sweeten
desafiar to face up to
sortear to get aaround, to avoid
someter to subdue, to put down
triunfarar to triumph
asir to grasp, to seize
agarrar to grasp
ingerir to take in
descantillar to embezzle
atañer to concern
concernir to concern
arder to burn
alzar to lift up
secudir to seduce
engañar to deceive, to mislead
recalcar to stress
botar to jump, to bounce, to launch
sitiar to besiege
espantar to scare away
adecuar to adapt
apear to bring down
sustenar to support
anular to cancel, to disallow, to repeal
realizar to carry our, to fulfil
derogar to repeal, to revoke
acosar to harass
señalar to point
especular to speculate
valorar to value
desmayo to faint
desembocar to flow
labrar to farm
estorbar to hinder
obstaculizar to hinder
sorbe to sip
lucir to shine
brillar to shine, to glitter, to gleam
resplandecer to shine, to gleam, to glitter
remedar to imitate
imitar to imitate
abonar to fertilize, to subsccribe
esconder to hide
retener to keep
conserver to conserve, to preserve
guardar to keep
desmenzar to crumble, to analyse
pedecer to suffer
sufrir to suffer
arrojar to throw, to fling
lanzar to throw (pitch)
echar to throw
desarrollar to develop
asar to roast
faltar to lack, to be missing
ungir to anoint
contar to contar
relatar to relate
demular to suanter, to stroll
escoger to choose
afear to uglify
colocar to place, to invest, to stone
filar to file
coser to sew
herir to injure
dilatar to delay
tañer to strum
proteger to protect
descar to dry up
emerger to emerge
atusar to preen
acongojer to aggrieve
brotar to sprout, to well up
estimir to esteem, to respect
ingerir to ingest
violar to break a law, to rape
quebrantar to break, to infringe
salen to add salt
juntar to join, to collect
reunir to unite
igualar to equalize
volar to fly
llorar to cry
rodar to film, to roll
instar to urge
exigir to demand
sobar manosear
adquierir to acquire
alabar to praise
arrullar to lull to sleep
atizar to stoke, to poke
avivar to stoke, to intensify
complicar to complicate
dajar to leave
deslucir to mar
detener to halt, to arrest
embrollar to embroil
enfadar to make angry
enojar to anny
figurar to figure
fijar to fix
indicar to indicate
ingresar to enter, to deposit
loar to praise
manosear to grope
molestar to disturb, to bother
oprimir to oppress
partir to break
pesar to sin
pisar to tread on
pugnar to struggle, to fight
reir to laugh
romper to break
tronchar to break off, to shatter
arrullar to lull to sleep
indicar to indicate
embrollar to embroil
complicar to complicate
alabar to praise
loar to praise
tocar to play
tañar to strum
lastimar hurt, injure
magullar bruise, damage
hirir injure. wound
dañar damage
derramar to spill
llorar to weep
juzgar to judge
sentenciar to sentence
latir to beat
palpiar to throb
batir to beat
buscar to search for
hallar to find
endulzar to sweeten
asear to tidy up
limpiar to clean
acicalar to brush up
ordenar to tidy up
derogar to abolish, repeal
anularr to cancel, annul
abolir to abolish
gozar to enjoy
disfrutar to enjoy
atar to tie
líar to tie up
unar to join together
combate to combat
virar to turn, swerve
doblar to turn
donar to donate
dar to give
otorgar to award, grant
suceder to happen, occur
ornar to adorn
adornar to adorn
angalanar to attire, embellish
hurtar to hurt
robar to rob
ver to see
mirar to see
observar to observe
brotar to sprout
rechazar to refuse, decline, disregard
impugne to contest
narrar to narrate, tell, relate
costar to tell, count, relate
relatará to relte, tell
tramar to plot, scheme
atreverse to dare, have the courage
aseguar to insure, secure
usar to use
utilizar to utilize
intentar to try, attempt
asir to grasp
Created by: rw-studystack
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