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10 B Common Word Roots

anti again, opposite
bi, di, dy two
cap to take, to hold
cent hundred
con, co, com with, together
cosm, cosmo world
cycle, cyclo wheel, circle, circular
deca ten
dent, dont teeth
dia across
dict, dic, claim say, declare, shout
ence, ance, tion, ness state of
equa, equi equal
fac,fact,fic make
fleet,flex bend
flu,fluc,flux flowing
foli leaf
fug flee
graph,gram script,written
grat,grac pleasing
homo,anthrop man
hyper over,beyond,excessive
in not
inter,intra between, among, within
ion the act, state, or result of
later side
loc,ory,ary place
mar, mari, mer sea
matri, matric mother
meter, metr measure
micro small
migra change, move
mil, kilo thousand
mono one
mori, mort death
morph shape, form
naut, naus sailor, ship
nega not
ocul eye
ology study of, science of
omni, pan all
ortho, rect, recti straight
oss, osteo bone
path feeling, disease
pend, pen hand
post behind
psych mind, spirit
retro behind, back
vert, vers turn
Created by: paigeperkes
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