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What is orthographic drawing and design An international language using drawings to communicate an idea so someone else can build it
A pictoral drawing is drawn in... 3 dimensions
Ortographic drawingis drawn in 2 dimensions
How many views are possible when producing orthographic drawings? 6 views
How many views are commonly used in orthographic projection 3 views
List the names of the 3 most common views Top, front, right
List the 3 rules to determine the front view of a standard rectangular orthographic drawing Most detail or longest side
List all the views in a orthographic drawing Front, back, top, bottom, right, left
What is a hidden line? A surface hidden behind another surface
List the different line types Object ➖ Projection - HIDDEN ------
Whats the design process and the order of the steps used in the design process 1) situation/design brief 2) brain storming/ sketching 3) research 4) final solution before construction 5) construct/build 6) evaluation/testing 7) share solutions/final report
List the forces that are being put on a car Drag and gravity
Aerodynamics consists of two words. What are they and what do they mean? Aero=Motion Dynamics=
Whats the meanining of lift, drag and propulsion Lift- an upward force that conteracts the force of gravity Drag- friction causing the car to slow down Propulsion- the action of driving or pushing a car forward
Give 2 examples where aerodynamics is important besides auto industry Windmills and sail boats
The machine used to turn the top is called a..... Lathe
Know the cuts made on a lathe Facing, turning and grooving
List 3 units of distance in METRIC measurments Km, m, cm
List 3 units of distance in IMPERIAL measurments Yard, feet, inches
List the parts of a lathe
List five safety rules on every machine in the shop 1) always wear safety glasses 2) turn off machine when not working 3) dont wear loose clothing 4) keeps hands away from blade 5) turn off machine
When soldering copper pipe, what part do you heat up The fitting
When using a torch what is the hottest part of the flame The tip of the inner core (the end of the blue flame)
What is the purpose of flux To clean the dirt off the pipe
What is animation Animation is an illusion that tricks the mind into think something is moving
What is human evolution that allowed communication to be preserved Cave drawings
List 4 modes of communication Telephone, mail, computer, letters
What was the communication invention in 1876 Telephone
What is a frame in animation A series of drawings to produce an action
What is frame rate The number of frames being played per second
How many frames are commonly used in commercial animation 12
What will the correct number of frames in animation create A smooth motion
Headstock assembly, spindle, workpiece holder, workpiece holder, workpiece, tool post, cutting tool, compound, cross slide, tailstock assembly, ways, carriage, cross slide hand wheel, carriage hand wheel, bead, lead screw
Created by: Greenarrow