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angle formed by three bonded molecules bond angle
a chemical compound used to create a chemical reaction; not necessarily consumed in the reaction like a reactant reagent
the lines by which protons and neutrons leak out of the nuclei drip line
Neutrino Observatory in japan super-Kamiokande
most stable baryon, a chain reaction fuels the sun, amount denoted by Z proton
A chemical reaction between carbon dioxide and hydrogen that produces elemental carbon (graphite), water, and 10% heat return Bosch Reaction
Stereoselective oxydation reactions; Sharpless
Cell bodies in which chlorophyll has not yet been synthesized etioplasts
stimulated by cytokine and can be inhibited by iron deficiency chlorophyll
the minimum voltage that causes an insulator to become conductive breakdown voltage
these objects stop working when breakdown voltage is reached capacitors
having the property of recieving an electric force without conducting; insulating dielectric
measures wind Beaufort scale
Transposable element DNA that can change its position within a genome; "Barbara Mcklintock's jumping genes"
Henderson hasselbach equation used to analyse buffers and acids
latent heat the heat required for a substance to change phases without a change in temperature
define ph It is defined as the negative of the base ten log of the concentration of hydronium ("high"-DRO-nee-um) ions.
Dirac theorizes the existence of antimatter " Dirac shared the Nobel Prize in Physics for 1933 with Erwin Schrödinger, "for the discovery of new productive forms of atomic theory".[3] He also did work that forms the basis of modern attempts to reconcile gener
antimatter particles with opposite parallel charges
dark matter matter we cannot yet observe but we know to exist due to its gravitational affect; suspected to be 10x more matter in the universe
braggs law measures the angle of coherent and incoherent scattering in a crystal lattice
cadmium the first spectroscopic definition of the meter was based on this element's red line.
itai-itai disease cadmium
lambda wavelength
polyploid having more than two sets of homologous chromosomes
neutron the only stable isotrope that doesn't have them is protium
benzene most common cycloalkane; this compound with chemical formula C6H6, whose structure was proposed by Kekule.
enzymes rna acts as one of these in the hammerhead configuration
legumes plants used to rejuvenate soil due to their nitrogen fixation abilities
bayer process extracts aluminum from bauxite (the most important aluminum ore)
wegener credited with pangea; theory of continental drift
law of partial pressures dalton
doping improves semi conductors by adding impurities
arsenic poisons ground water
ohms resistance
Raleigh scattering the scattering of light by small particles
stomata pores in leaves
Carboniferous Period Pennsylvanian and Mississippian Period, most coal deposits form at this time
quark Kobayashi-Maskawa Matrix represents properties held by these; Murray Glen-Man names them
Boron It forms compounds with hydrogen that are given prefixes like nido- and arachno-.
Surface tension The difference in pressure across the interface of two static fluids is twice this quantity times the mean curvature according to LaPlace's law.
Hall-heroult bath proceeds bayer process
yeast first organism to have its genome sequenced
velocity force times this is power
HCl functions as a proton donor in elimination reactions which form alkenes
elimination reaction a type of organic reaction in which two substituents are removed from a molecule in either a one or two-step mechanism. The one-step mechanism is known as the E2 reaction, and the two-step mechanism is known as the E1 reaction.
nondisjunction failure of the chromosomes to separate
appendix connects to cecum
salt bridges these allow the flow of electrons between two containers of different chemicals. Name these connections between the half-cells in a galvanic cell.
sapir eskimo language studies
nematoda first multicellular animal to have its genome sequenced (phyla)
electrolysis using a battery to separate salts
amphipathic having both hydrophilic and hydrophobic components
pancreas canal of wirsung
thyroid gland graves disease
goiter iodine deficiency
Born hayber cycle Finds lattice energy
Reynolds number a dimensionless number that gives a measure of the ratio of inertial forces () to viscous forces (μ / L) and, consequently, it quantifies the relative importance of these two types of forces for given flow conditions.
Laminar flow Even flow, viscosity is dominant low Reynolds number
Turbulent flow choppy flow with irregularities;high inertial forces and high Reynolds number
fermentation Pasteur defines it as respiration without air
fungi The only type of these organisms that have flagella are the chytrids.
linear velocity proportional to wavenumber. Planck's constant divided by this quantity equals a particle's de Broglie wavelength. The square of this quantity divided by twice an object's mass equals kinetic energy. a change in this quantity is called an impulse.
hydrolic devices devices work because a change in this quantity in one part of an incompressible fluid is transmitted to all parts of that fluid, allowing the amplification of work
urine the surface tension of it is measured in the Hay test
van der walls force they include one type that results from the interaction of temporary dipoles, London dispersion forces. For 10 points, name these weak attractive forces between gas molecules, named for a Dutch scientist.
gauss This man developed the ruler-and-straightedge construction of a seventeen-sided polygon.
vapor pressure It equals atmospheric pressure at the boiling point
vapor pressure The pressure exerted by the gas in equilibrium (the substance stops changing phases in a closed container) with a solid or liquid in a closed container at a given temperature is called the
work at constant pressure this quantity equals "pressure times change in volume." The first law of thermodynamics sets change in internal energy equal to "heat added plus [this quantity]."
newton princepa mathematica
charge A magnetic kind of this would be generated by magnetic monopoles
kuiper belt name this ring of small bodies from around thirty to fifty-five AUs from the sun
parthenogenesis a type of asexual reproduction in which the offspring develops from unfertilized eggs. It is particularly common amongst arthropods and rotifers, can also be found in some species of fish, amphibians, birds, and reptiles, but not in mammals.
flame test name this test for detecting metals, in which strontium solutions turn red and sodium solutions turn yellow when subjected to the namesake source of heat.
bases The super types of these substances include sodium amide and n-butyllithium hard ones end in -ide
auxin name this first plant hormone to be discovered, which promotes coleoptile expansion and fruit growth.
gallileo Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems
energy its “internal” type is symbolized U
energy spontaneous reactions occur when this value is negative for gibbs free _____.
archaea discovered by Carl Woese and George Fox in 1977, catalogued species which are commonly placed in 3 broad categories of halophiles, thermophiles, and acidophiles. This is because many are found in extreme environments.
monoprotic acid _________: an acid that can donate only one proton, while polyprotic acid can donate more than one proton.
thyroid gland largest endocrine gland
faraday One law named for this scientist states that the amount of mass altered during electrolysis is proportional to the electric charge.
faraday discovered electromagnetic induction, the namesake of the unit of capacitance.
photosphere surface of the sun
birefringence the optical property of a material having a refractive index that depends on the polarization and propagation direction of light.
dichroic Materials which have different absorption for perpendicular incident planes for light are said to be
cambrian age of trilobites
antimatter dirac
fermi father of the atomic bomb
fermi discovery of transuranic elements
fermi names the neutrino
glucose The Cori cycle involves the conversion of pyruvate into this molecule
Azeotropes These mixtures cannot be separated by distillation without the help of an entrainer.
Colligative properities properties of solutions that depend upon the ratio of the number of solute particles to the number of solvent molecules in a solution, and not on the type of chemical species present.
Elastance its unit is the reciprocal farad, also informally called the daraf.
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