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Exam 1 Organic Chem


"9 0" Code Tert-butyl
"6 1" Code Isopropyl
"2 3" Cross Ethyl Stopper
"3 0" Code Methyl Stopper
Chem shift greater than 1 diffrence Oxygen touching
Chem Shift less than 1 diffrence Not touching
Chem Sift "6.5-8.0" BENZENE
IR: 1720 C=O
IR: 3200-3500 Aromatic ring
Mass Spec 1:1 ratio Bromine 79 and 81
Mass Spec 3:1 ratio Chlorine 35 37
Dept 90 CH
Dept 135 Positive Peaks CH3 and CH
Dept 135 Negative Peaks CH2
Magnetic Nuclei include __(+) or (-)__ and _____ odd protons and odd neutrons
IR the amount necessary to increase molecular motion in functional groups
NMR the amount necessary to flip the spin on atomic nuclei
UV amount necesarry to excite electrons from one molecule orbit to another
MS energy needed to strip molecule of one electron from one to generate radical cation
physical constant that measure amount of UV absorbed is molar absorptivity (E)
longet wave = what in terms of conjuation MOST
base peak Strongest intensity
M+ radical cation corresponding to the mass of the original molecule
Created by: ochemchick