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"Se" pasivo

Using the passive voice in Spanish.

Se habla español aquí. Spanish is spoken here.
Se vende casa. House for sale.
Se arrienda apartamento. Apartment for rent.
Se busca secretaria. Seeking secretary.
Se venden celulares allí. Cell phones sold there.
Se venden productos en las redes sociales. Products are sold on social networks.
Se promocionan productos en las redes sociales. Products are promoted on social networks.
Se sacan fotos allí. Photographs are taken there.
No se debe comprar la ropa aquí. Clothes shouldn't be purchased here.
No se deben comprar las gafas aquí. Sunglasses shouldn't be purchased here.
Se debe comprar la ropa allí. Clothes should be purchased there.
Se deben comprar las gafas allí. Sunglasses should be purchased there.
Se vende auto. Car for sale.
No se deben subir fotos a este sitio. Pictures shouldn't be uploaded to to this site.
No se debe descargar música de ese sitio. Music shouldn't be downloaded from that site.
No se debe buscar novio por internet. A boyfriend shouldn't be looked for on the internet.
No se debe buscar novia por internet. A girlfriend shouldn't be looked for on the internet.
No se permite el uso de celulares en clase. Cell phone use is not permitted in class.
Se prohíbe el uso de las redes sociales en el trabajo. The use of social media is prohibited at work.