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changges of matter


chemical change the change that alters the element
physical change the change that alters the looks
chemical property the way it behaves
physical property the way it look
synthesis two coming togther
decomposition two breaking apart
single replacement one element being replaced
double replacement two elements being replaced
atom makes up molocules
molocules made up of atoms
conservation of mass both sides of equation have to be equal
reactans the things in the equation that will react
product the things outcome
cohetion sticky to self
solvent/solute disolving/ desolved
adhetion sticky
density how close the particles of somthing are to each other
surface tension water making a skin like layer over it
polarity magnets
hydrogen bond hydrogen sticking together
universal solvent water
ground water water in ground
water vapor water in air
sorce where the river starts
runnoff water that goes across land
fertiliser makes plants grow
pesticide kills pests
herbicide kills plants
nitrated nitrogen
pospates makes plants grow
algal blooms large quantities of algal
fish kills fish genocyde
neuse river river in nc
river baisnin were river ends
turbidity how clear the water is
condensation making of clouds
evaporation water turning to vapor
transporation water from creatures
infiltration water into ground
precipitaion rain snow ect
ph acidness
dh oxygen in water
hypoxia low oxygen in water